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Chapter 54: Successfully advancing!

Outside Luo Lie Village, the grass was growing high and the trees were shaking.

I did not walk far and suddenly saw a red hatted goblin holding a small axe spawning.

I couldn’t help smiling as I first looked at the little goblin’s stats.

[Red Hatted Goblin] (Normal Monster)

Level: 35

Attack: 140-210

Defense: 40

HP: 3000

Attack Type: Continuous Attack

I couldn’t help giving a laugh as I raised the Star Chasing Bow and sent out a fire arrow!


The Red Hatted Goblin’s pitiful defense could not stop it and my casual attack had already made it lost half of its HP. Before the goblin could even reach me, I shot another arrow and the goblin fell down dead, dropping a few silver coins and also a red helmet.

I picked up the helmet to look at it.

[Red Goblin Helmet] (Black Iron Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 35

Strength: +4

Agility: -10

Required Level: 30

I broke out in laughter. I could even get an equipment and its strength increase was not bad, but it decreased 10 points of agility. Only those players that had White Equipment would be interested in this item.

However, I still threw this helmet into my inventory.

On the road, there were other Red Hatted Goblin that attack me that were all killed with two attacks. Moreover, there were several Red Goblin Helmets that fell and I wasn’t willing to waste them, so I threw them all into my inventory!

After several minutes, there really was a cave that appeared on the west side of the mountain. When I lit my torch to head in, the name of the map suddenly changed to: Monster Tree Hole!

I could vaguely see a green coloured tree monster that was the height of two people slowly moving. I immediately looked at its stats.

[Green Leaf Tree Monster] (Enhanced Monster)

Level: 40

Attack: 280-420

Defense: 80

HP: 5000

Attack Type: Continuous Attack

I was a bit stunned. This Green Leaf Tree Monster was much stronger compared to the Red Hatted Goblins outside, having around twice their attack!

Nocking an arrow into my bow, I directly sent an armour piercing arrow out!

With a “peng” sound, a white light hit the trunk of the giant tree, making it sway side from side, making him lose 1241 points of HP!

The Green Leaf Tree Monster swept out its hand and began to run over, swinging its tree arm at me!

With a “pa” sound, I felt a slight pain as my HP fell by a section. I quickly moved back and decelerated the enemy with my ice arrow. Then with coordinating with my armour piercing arrow, I spent close to five minutes in this small space to kill that Green Leaf Tree Monster!

What was strange was that the Green Leaf Tree Monster did not drop a single silver coin or even a piece of equipment, it was actually a miser! This should be because it was a quest monster, I helped the Moon Monochrome take care of it.

At this time, I walked deeper into the

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