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Chapter 56: The morning spring scenery

I couldn’t speak from my surprise and I stared in a daze as I watch Ling Yue carefully move past me. The bath towel was shaking and a pair of voluptuous white twin peaks appeared in front of me. That seductive gorge was enough to make a person suffocate!

Ling Yue quickly raised the curtain and her body went under it. She pulled me beside her and stared at me as she said, “Stop looking on in a daze! Quickly shield me and stand up, don’t let Wang Jun Jie find me here!”

I knit my brows as I guessed mostly what this situation was. So I turned to the side and let myself be half covered by the blankets as I whispered, “You, are you that afraid of Wang Jun Jie?”

Ling Yue pursed her lips, “How can you know about some things? Anyway, just help me pass this trial~!”

I was speechless. At this time, finally someone opened my door.

Ling Yue carefully concealed herself in my blanket, with that petite body almost completely pressed against my chest. It was unknown when that bath towel had fallen, but when I looked down, I accidentally saw Ling Yue’s proud chest. It was like mighty, roaring waves, those snow white peaks and the two pink points could make a person’s mouth go dry!

Ling Yue’s face instantly turned red and was helpless. In order to stop me from watching she bit her teeth and forcefully pulled up the bath towel to block her body, but this high price bed actually shook under this exciting movement. In the end, Ling Yue’s body fell forward and her entire body fell into my embrace!

It was a pity that the shirt I wore wasn’t buttoned up and my chest came into contact with Ling Yue’s body without any interference. That soft and smooth feeling was like ecstasy and my heart instantly raced to three hundred beats per second!

At that time, Zi Yue’s head peaked in the door and she said outwards, “Look, this is Bookworm’s room. You wouldn’t think that Ling Yue would be sleeping in the same place as Bookworm, right?”

Wang Jun Jie did not seem to believe this and immediately tried to enter.

Immediately, Bing Cha reached out to stop Wang Jun Jie from entering. When Wang Jun Jie was shocked, Bing Cha slowly said, “You have this little belief in Ling Yue, how can you say you are her boyfriend? With how you are, are you worthy of being Ling Yue’s boyfriend?”

Wang Jun Jie’s brows tightly knit as he gave a snort and said, “Since Ah Yue isn’t her, then forget it!”

I turned my head and said, “What are you here for?”

Wang Jun Jie gave a cold snort, “Nonsense! This house was bought by the company, why can’t I come here. As for you, you are a member of the Xue Yue Studio and yet you’re still sleeping at this time. Humph, I’ll talk to Ah Yue about this when I get back!”

I gave a laugh, “Then I won’t trouble you and went send you off! Bing Cha, help me close the door, I still want to sleep for a while!”

Bing Cha gave a faint smile before looking at Wang Jun Jie with a sing

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