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Chapter 78: Shadow Sneak

It was actually a piece of Golden Equipment and it was a high level 45 Golden Equipment!

I was filled with incomparable amazement. Ling Yue laughed before saying, “Quickly appraise it. That boss really is cheap, he actually gave only a cloak~~”

Bing Cha and Purple Rhyme laughed as they said they wanted to come as well. Ling Xue also needed to appraise her Flame Shield, so our group arrived at the appraisers at 6 in the morning.

Ling Xue raised the Flame Shield and the appraiser looked over it before saying, “Five gold coins!”


Ling Xue immediately gave the money. The appraiser waved his hand and the equipment’s stats appeared in front of our eyes.

[Flame Shield] (Silver Equipment - Shield)

Defense: 320

Magic Defense: 100

Strength: +18

Vitality: +15

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 5%.

Required Level: 44

The powerful defense made everyone take in a cold breath and what was even more abnormal was the additional 100 magic defense!

Normally speaking, low level equipment didn’t have magic defense, which was one of the reasons why the mage Job could run wild in the beginning. Everyone thought at first that only Gold Equipment would have magic defense effects, but no one thought that Ling Xue’s Silver Shield would actually have magic defense!

Like this, Ling Xue’s magic defense was greatly increased. Perhaps after 48 hours when we went to the Ancient Ghost Temple’s seventh floor, if there were mage monsters, Ling Xue would be able to easily deal with them!

Ling Xue immediately equipped the shield and we saw the giant shield transform into a little red shield on Ling Xue’s left arm. It would only display the form of a giant shield when she was attacked, so it didn’t affect the little beauty’s looks at all!

Instantly, Ling Xue was unwilling to let go of it. She revealed an incredibly sweet smile, “Little Fool! Quickly take out that Golden Cloak of yours~~”

I only remembered that I had some equipment that needed to be appraised, my attention was pulled by Ling Xue’s Flame Shield for a while.

When I placed the Shadow Cloak on the table, the appraiser revealed a surprised expression before casually saying, “Appraisal fee, 200 gold coins!”

I couldn’t help smiling. The Star Chasing Bow’s appraisal fee was only 300 gold coins and this Shadow Cloak was 200 gold coins, so it wouldn’t be that much worse!

I had over a thousand gold coins in my inventory still, so I didn’t care as I directly took out 200 gold coins.

With the flash of light, the Shadow Cloak instantly flashed with light. The surrounding area had a faint light like the deathly glow of hell.

[Shadow Cloak] (Golden Equipment - Leather Armour)

Defense: 150

Magic Defense: 75

Strength: +20

Agility: +12

Additional Skill: Shadow Sneak

Required Level: 45

I was a bit surprised, there was even an added skill.

[Shadow Sneak]: Uses the cloa

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