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Chapter 43: Iron Armour Guards

In less than an hour, we had already cleared all the monsters on the second floor of the Ancient Ghost Temple. I couldn’t help being surprised by our strength. In a short amount of time, Purple Rhyme gained another level, reaching level 32 and Ling Xue also reached level 34. I had reached level 35 and as for Ling Yue, our highest level player, she had reached level 35!

The Spirit Warriors dropped several pieces of Bronze Equipment, which was distributed to everyone evenly. I obtained a leather helmet that had 55 defense and although its stats were not bad, it could not compare with the Scarlet Flame Set. So, I threw it into my inventory to sell back in the city.

During this period, I went back to the first floor once and found that it had been occupied by a decent sized guild. It was like they had found a treasure and happily blocked off the first floor, not letting anyone go to the second floor. This was also good because it helped relief us from extra worries!

On the second floor, the Spirit General had already been killed by me and Ling Xue and had not respawned yet. So, after we killed all the small monsters, we were able to access the third floor of the ancient temple!

When we reached the Ancient Ghost Temple’s third floor, we were met with a cold breeze. Looking up, we were shocked. In front of us, there were demonized warriors with shields in their hands. These warriors had already died and their faces were completely dried, giving them a fierce appearance. There was a shield in one hand and the other had was holding a short blade.

[Iron Armour Guards] (Enhance Monsters)

Level: 40

Attack: 200-280

Defense: 400

HP: 4000

Ling Xue was a little surprised and was scared by the Iron Armour Guards’ terrifying faces. She quickly turned around to hold my arm as she said, “Little fool, isn’t this monster too disgusting?”

I revealed a smile, “You’re just not used to them yet. Forget about it, let my pull in these monsters instead!”

Ling Xue revealed a smile of joy and said, “Un, thank you!”

I revealed a faint smile. Actually having me pull in the monsters was quite reasonable. I currently had a defense of 225 and could definitely withstand the Iron Armour Guard’s 280 attack. As well, the monster’s defense was quite high, having a defense of 400, so even my armour piercing arrow would not do much to it. Instead, Ling Xue with her Light Flow Sword would be better at breaking this monster’s defense, but of course, our main damage source would be Ling Yue!

Against the defense of heavy armours, magic damage had a 25% increase in damage. Using the Scarlet Flame Sea to kill these high defense monsters was the best option here!

I put away my Golden Bow and took out the Light Wave Dagger, charging right at the monsters. In less than half a minute, I came back with a group of Iron Armour Guards following behind me, but my HP was close to empty. I was quickly swallow

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