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Banished from the Capital

Thus, the decision to annul Chloe’s engagement with the prince, and banish her away from the capital was done swiftly beyond normal means. Naturally, the king himself was a little bit reluctant, but the influence of the holy church within the kingdom is far too great. It would be costly to keep a noble lady labeled as the false saint as the crown princess. Momo on the other hand, is to be welcomed by the House Sereknight as their daughter.

Although Darck was not entirely happy with becoming officially siblings with her, he knew that he will not able to get her heart even if he competed against Leddorio for her favor.

As such Chloe, while only wearing her simplistic dress (albeit much superior to commoner dresses), was sent towards the Nansonia region taking limited personal belongings with her. The travel would still take a couple of days and because they were not able to secure lodging, they had no choice but to spend the night outdoors.

To this, Sheen was surprised that Chloe obeyed without voicing even the slightest bit of complaints.

“Milady, do you not feel uncomfortable?”

“Well, if you ask, then it is uncomfortable, but I heard that Nansonia Region is even more of a harsh place so it’s a good time to get used to this.”

“..Frankly speaking, I am surprised, lady. I never expected that you would be able to bare these kinds of circumstances.”

“I guess you’re right. If I am still the way I was, I would have rather wished for death cursing the world instead, or maybe desire everything to ruin.”

Although she is smiling as though it wasn’t her business, the words she said are without a doubt, dangerous. If she had said it seriously, the prince ready to order Shin to cut her down immediately.

“Then why is milady….”

“Do you still remember the day we first met?”

Changing the subject, Chloe asks Shin a different question.

Shin Purpleton, was a man that Chloe grew fond of and picked from the slums, raising him to become her personal butler. As if poking fun of his good features and how he is always readily available when called, Chloe once said that “this man is ever diligent pet” referring to him.At that time, Leddorio and even the person she called as her property, Shin, felt repulsive of her sense of superiority.

“I would never forget, lady, together with my gratitude, and everything else..”

As Shin bore the pain brought by the dilemma of being stuck between the equality of his loyalty and grudge, whether she knows this side of her butler or not, Chloe merely chuckled and continued her talk merrily.

“I know I have said a lot of horrible things, but the truth is, I’m really grateful to you. My father is always busy, you see, and I just can’t seem to see eye to eye with my brother, but you still kept my lonely self, accompanied. I am really grateful for your efforts since then.”

“Milady? Did the outdoor plain food not sit well with your stomach?”

“I didn’

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