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Terms of Employment.

After their breakfast, Chloe asked the mistress to let them stay for a while. However, the reason she had stated was not regarding the weakening barrier but a made up lie.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any money with us… We initially thought of becoming adventurers since we are already disowned but, the dungeon here is restricted to higher grade adventurers after all. So if it wouldn’t cause any trouble, would you please employ us instead?”

“This lodging doesn’t really have any formal employee so that would really help but. I won’t be able to pay you a decent wage, you know? The only ones who would even think of coming to this remote place are either monsters, bandits or adventurers who have a death wish.”

“Just allowing us to stay would be enough, mistress. Even if we try to find employment in the town, father would likely have a hand at preventing us from finding one, and if that were to happen I would have no other choice but…, so please let us stay.”

Although she said that it would be due to her father’s interference, in actuality, Leddorio had sent a public notice throughout the entire kingdom not to hire lady by the name of Chloe Sereknight, at the same time has he had her destination changed to Nansonia Convent instead.

That being said, it was mostly relayed to libraries, merchants or other establishment that prefers hiring noble ladies as the standard, and lower scale jobs are not part of the regulation. The prince does not really believe that Chloe who had pride as high as the roof of the heavens herself, would actually take hard labor jobs of her own accord.

Although Chloe implied to the mistress that she might have no other choice but to sell her body to feed themselves which earned the sympathetic her sympathetic.

“Well, I can’t really send you out there penniless like this but, are you really okay with this? We managed both the bar and the lodging at the same time so you’ll have no choice but to deal with rowdy fools too. That might be too hard for a noble lady, you know?”

“If that’s the case, would you please hire us provisionally for a week instead? If mistress determines that we cannot do our job properly, then I will give up immediately.”

As Chloe refuses to bulge even an inch, the mistress had finally given up convincing her. Thus, the two were able to secure employment for themselves within the mountain in the middle of nowhere. However, Chloe used a fake name instead of her real one.

“Please call me Chacko, Chacko Brown.”

“Chacko is it, that doesn’t sound like a noble’s name, but prying sounds like a pain anyway. How about you, boy?”

“I am Shin, ma’am.”

“Shin Brown and Chacko Brown is it… then I guess I’ll be counting on you two. The name is Adelheit Grace, my husband’s Masrat Grace. Though most of our customers just call us plainly as Mistress and Pastor.”

“We are in your care, ma’am.”

They were given the guest room to stay for the time being

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