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Su was a noble dragon.

Before Su became Su, she lived near a large spring. The purple and black bubbling spring was poisonous, so weak creatures didn’t come close, and strong creatures were beaten by Su.

Just a flap of her wings away was the home of a group of some small creatures called humans. Su’s hunger couldn’t be filled with just one human, but they were the best pack hunters in the area. She’d seen many other dragons get captured, but she never thought much of it because her only true friend was herself.

Su lived as she pleased. She woke up when she wanted, she ate what she wanted, she bullied who she wanted, and she played by crushing rocks and riding updrafts. Dragons of the same species as Su often lived near weaker creatures, so they lived carefree lives. The place where Su was born was near a larger group of humans, who she came to think of as annoying. Humans were troublesome since she could fight off an attack, but then they would come back in greater numbers.

One day, as Su was throwing crushed rocks into the spring to watch the liquid splatter, she heard human voices. Perching on a strong tree branch and listening silently, it looked like they were close. Even if there were only two of them, she didn’t want her territory to be disturbed.

“Sir, no offense, but please don’t do this. The horses can’t go any further. Same for the carriage.”

“… I’m in a hurry.”

“Don’t be like that. If we go any further west, our lives will be in danger. You could reach Galgancia on a dragon in no time, but half of the adventurers that come through here for the first time just walk to the next city.”

Su planned on approaching them without making a sound and attacking from above. There were also horses. Maybe that would help her stomach a bit. One of the humans was looking around, but didn’t notice Su.

“Ride dragon, how?”

“If you’re an adventurer, shouldn’t you know? If you capture one and make it think you’re a friend, you can ride on its back. But even the knights are having a hard time capturing one, so you’d be the first to do it.”

Su, who was about to swoop down on the humans, suddenly felt a strong impact on her head and fell out of the tree. She had no idea what had happened. As she struggled with her swirling vision, she heard the humans’ voices.

“Can this be ridden, too?”

“Hiiieee!! It’s a dragon! We’re going to be killed!…”

One of the humans screamed and ran away from the carriage as Su shook her head to regain her senses. There was a man who had apparently hit Su’s head with something, and went he went to pick up a stick that had fallen beside her, she was furious.

I’ll tear you apart!

“You. Ride?”

The human who had hit Su was talking about something. She didn’t have the energy to respond anymore. For the first time in her life, Su shed tears of regret.

However, the person in front of her was able to defeat the strong and magnificent Su. S

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