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Sunlight blazed on that spring day.

Xiang Cheng was sleeping in a filthy quilt. The club had arranged accommodations for him in a four person room. However, his roommates brought back their own boyfriends or girlfriends, especially the one in the bunk above him. It swayed and rocked back and forth all night, making him unable to sleep well.

A small silver bird was pecking at the window outside, and Xiang Cheng angrily pulled down the quilt to open up the window. The little bird flew in and snuggled a bit on his pillow.

"What are you doing?" Xiang Cheng asked, while squinting and trying to straighten out his bird’s nest-like hair with his fingers.

The little bird pecked at Xiang Cheng's cellphone. Xiang Cheng pulled it out from underneath his pillow; it had been on all night because he had been afraid that Chi Xiaoduo would be in danger, and now his phone was already running out of power. Xiang Cheng had received a text message from an unknown number.

[After receiving a complaint about the exorcism incident at Keyun Road subway station last night, the organization has come forward to deal with the aftermath and has issued a warning against individual exorcists in Guangzhou. In the event that another cross-district unauthorized operation fails to be reported, the organization will circulate a notice of criticism and revoke the qualification certificate of the individual.]

Xiang Cheng looked completely impatient and went back to sleep.

At noon, the sun was shining brightly. The construction company called and asked Chi Xiaoduo to go to the construction site. Chi Xiaoduo hadn’t been in a good state the whole day, and now he almost stepped into a hollow steel bar and got stuck.

"You guys are short on steel bars for reinforcement, which isn’t up to standard." Chi Xiaoduo said expressionlessly. "Speed it up, or I'll go to the architectural group to file a suit."

"Yes, yes." The person in charge of the construction company hurried to nod, and when Chi Xiaoduo was leaving, he took a red envelope and presented it to him with both hands.

He took the subway by himself, ate by himself, went to work by himself, got off work by himself, and went back home by himself.

Chi Xiaoduo wore earphones, listening to songs and hanging off of the subway handle. When they arrived at the station, he looked out of the window and saw a tall and handsome man in a suit who was holding a briefcase, waiting for the subway.

Xiang Cheng!Chi Xiaoduo was startled, but when the compartment opened and that person came in, he discovered that he wasn’t Xiang Cheng; he was just around the same build, and upon looking closely, he wasn’t as handsome.

At night, Chi Xiaoduo returned home and threw the red envelope into a jar. His four walls were cold and lonely, empty and desolate. He opened the balcony door with ashuala,and the smell of spring, teeming with the fragrance of thousands of flowers and plants, flooded the room with the smell

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