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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 98
After he ordered his underlings to find Zich, Trislowa began to ponder. ‘If he’s trying to cause chaos internally, what’s the first thing he’d do?’

In challenging situations, one should attempt to predict their opponent’s next move and plan accordingly. Trislowa predicted that Zich’s first move would be to cause a commotion inside the temple to trap some of their military force inside and separate them from the rest of the force fighting against the Karuwimans.

‘He’s already succeeded in this.’

Even though thinking about Zich made Trislowa grit his teeth, he had to accept his present situation. Currently, Trislowa, the leader of the northern branch and the greatest military power, was tied up inside the temple and about 50 Bellid knights were also trapped with him. Moreover, people fighting on the forefront would be wondering why a part of their force was not in battle with them. If their curiosity turned into suspicions, the morale of their whole team would fall. In order to solve all these issues, Trislowa needed to deal with Zich as quickly as possible.

‘If he didn’t infiltrate for the purpose of stealing the sacred object, what did he infiltrate for?’

A thought immediately popped up inside his mind.

‘The barrier.’

So far, the barrier was the number one contributor to driving back the Karuwimans and pulling his branch to its peak.

‘Let’s head to the ritual room.’

Trislowa quickly moved ahead; he soon reached the front of the ritual room. The door of the ritual room did not lose in extravagance compared to the door of the prayer room; the luxurious state of the door indicated how important the ritual room was to the whole temple. Trislowa opened the door. The first thing he saw was the statue of Bellu stationed in the center of the room. The unique head of the statue (which Zich called fish head) looked arrogantly down on all those who stared at it. A complicated magic circle was drawn on the floor, with the statue of Bellu in the middle.

The ritual room was ginormous, only a little smaller than the prayer room, but the magic circle made up most of the space in the room. And on top of the ritual were numerous Bellid priests who had their knees on the ground, surrounding the statue of Bellu. They were the ones who were keeping the temple’s barrier alive. Two knights were on guard to protect the Bellid priests. When the priests were performing the ritual, they were unable to react to even the slightest outside stimulation and had to focus all their attention on maintaining the barrier. For that reason, having guards was essential. However, due to the Karuwimans’ surprise attack, only two knights were protecting the priests. It was embarrassing to even say there was a defense unit protecting the priests with only two people.

Trislowa stopped the two knights who were about to say their greetings with his hands and focused his attention while leaning on the wall. As a priest, he didn’t have sensing abili

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