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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 126
“…A hero?”

“Yes, a hero.”Zich hit his ears several times with his hands. He tried shoving his fingers into his ear and tried shaking his head to get his act together.

“A hero?”

“Yes, a hero. You heard it right. A hero like Glen Zenard. I’m not speaking in a roundabout way, and there’s no hidden meaningbehindit.I meant exactly what I said.”

“…Me?”Zich pointed a finger towards himself, and unlike his usual self, there was none of his usual composure; he even looked a bit dumb.

But Lyla didn’t make fun of him. Honestly, she had a hard time believing it herself.“I also can’t believe it. Since my memory is fuzzy, I don’t know how you became a hero or how you lived your life, but there was definitely a future where you were a hero. And the name you used in that future was Zich Brave.”

“Igot it.”Zichclapped his hands. And with great strength and resolve, he said,“I will never use thatlast name, Brave.”

“Do whatever you want.”Lyla was not even surprised by Zich’s reaction.

Zich reclined back on his chair, and unlike a few moments before, he looked very tired.“Did I use Estellade during that time?”

“Maybe, I think so.”

Zich tightly held the sword that looked like a tree branchin his hand. Even though he already liked the sword, he now had an even greater appreciation for it.

Zich let out a sigh.“This is my last question. Do you remember when we first met?”

Zich’s tone sounded like he was mentioning a sentimental memory between past lovers. However, their first meeting was far from something like that.

“Yeah, we had a huge fight.”

“It’s because you wereverysuspicious.”

“You should consider my position. I was meeting the guy who might become the future Demon Lord.”

“But I was not the Demon Lord then.”

“No matter how you looked at it, you were not Zich Steelwall. And definitely not Zich Brave. Then what was I supposed to think when only Zich Moore was left?”

“Well, let’s just say that we both misunderstood each other in our respective positions.”

But this was not the part that Zich was curious about. There was no need for them to get emotional about their past fights.

“Do you remember how you looked at me in that fight?”

“Do you meanwhenI looked at you as I would look at a future Demon Lord?”

“No, I mean when you looked at me before you ran away.”

At last, Lyla remembered what Zich was talking about and let out a groan.“Thinking back on it, I did look at you a bit differently while I was running away.”

“That was the first time I saw someone’s eyes reflect both animosity and sentimentality. While I completely understand the animosity, why did you look at me withsentimentality?”

Since he thought it was very strange, Zich vividly remembered this memory.

“I don’t know. At that moment, I just felt sentimental. I don’t remember why exactly.”

“Is it related to yourhazymemories again?”

“Probably. But I feel like something was different. And I think the a

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