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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 46
The assassins who carried Snoc continued to move. They no longer had a carefree attitude, because Zich was pressuring them. They continued to run towards their destination: the Iruce mine. Then, with the ropes they prepared in advance, they easily climbed over the mine’s walls.

“The rest of you stay here. Don’t let anyone in. If your opponent is too strong, sacrifice your lives to make more time for me.” The leader of the assassin team said and turned away.

The rest of the assassins nodded, and they gave Snoc to him. The man left and headed deep into the mine, while the assassins hid in the shadows and waited for trespassers to come. The inside of the mine was as black as ink, and not even a sliver of moonlight seeped through it. But there was no hesitation in the man’s footsteps. He passed through multiple pathways with ease and reached the area of the mine that had been sealed off. The area had been sealed off due to a collapse, and as expected, huge stones blocked the entrance.

The man put down Snoc, almost as if he was throwing a piece of luggage. Unable to judge the situation he was in, Snoc flinched and put his hand on his back. He was in great pain.

“Ugh…!” Snoc let out a painful cry and opened his eyes. “T-this is…”

Even though there was only darkness, Snoc knew where he was. He felt this kind of stuffy and dreary atmosphere every day.

‘The mines?’

Why was he in a mining area? Snoc tried to recall.

‘I was at home about to eat bread, and then when I looked out the window…!’

A shiver ran down his back. Unidentified figures invaded his home, and the last thing he remembered were forceful hands that pulled him.

‘Am I being kidnapped?’

Snoc quickly got up. Fortunately, his body was just sore in some places, and he was not tied up. Snoc checked his body to make sure nothing was broken, and then he felt something drop from his body.


He heard a small squeal, and Snoc’s expression brightened up.


It was definitely the sound of his family. Snoc tried to make his way towards the sound. Thankfully, he was able to quickly find Nowem.

Koo! Koo!

Nowem began to rub his face on Snoc’s hands. Snoc hugged Nowem tightly and felt the soft warmth of Nowem’s body. Some of Snoc’s anxiety went away.


Suddenly, a light flashed in front of Snoc, and Snoc covered his eyes. When he got used to the light a bit, he slowly lowered his hands. A hazy light floated in front of him, and he saw a person standing next to the light.

Snoc became terrified at the sight in front of him. The man was covered in a black robe from head to toe. He was one of the unidentified figures that had kidnapped him.

“Sir, you have woken up.”

Contrary to his forceful actions, the man talked to Snoc with a gentle voice. But somehow, Snoc didn’t feel reassured at all. Instead, he felt his instincts sharpen at the man’s voice.

“W-who are you?”

“Ah, I have not introduced myself. I wou

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