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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 9
Following his father’s order, Greig went inside the dueling ground. The swordathis hip seemed to grow heavier, and his feet seemed to drag him down as he walked towards Zich.

“Ah, fuck! It hurts! That’s enough!”

“Then get treated first!”

“I told you—I’m going to fight without getting treated!”

“Then shut your mouth for a moment! It’s going to be over soon!”

The priest shouted at Zich as he began to wrap bandages on Zich’s injuries. Despite Zich’s annoyed expression and complaints, he moved his body to make it easier for the priest to bandage him.

“I’m alldone.”

“Is it finally over?”

“I only performed emergency care, so please remember that you arethisclose to suffering from extreme blood loss! Whether you win or lose, please quickly finish the duel and get proper treatment…!”

“Oooh, don’t I look like an undead? I look like a mummy right now. If someone meets me in a dungeon, they will think I will attack them…!”

“Please listen to me!”

Zich had to forcefully push away the priest who looked as if he was about to cry. Without saying anything, Greig watched the situation unfold and stared at Zich. As Zich said, his whole body was covered in bandages like a mummy. Since he had only gotten minimum emergency care, blood quickly seeped through his bandages.

‘How the hell is he still moving?!’

Greig thought he had good endurance, but seeing Zich’s current state, he realized thathewas nowhere near Zich’s level.

Zich began to wave his sword around; it was to check if the bandages hampered his movements. As expected, his injuries widened again, and blood began to seep through the bandages at an even faster pace. However, Zich didn’t seem bothered by this and looked pleased that the bandages did not hinder his body’s movements.

Zich gave a signal that he was ready for battle, and Tiner, the host, cried,“Draw your swords!”

There was no other rhetoric this time. In consideration of Zich’s injury, it seemed as if Tiner was trying to proceed with the duel as fast as possible.

Greig pulled out his sword and Zich lifted his sword up.


The second duel, which no one except Zich anticipated, began.

Greig looked a bit scared, but since he had been training for a long time, his stance was steady. In comparison, Zich held his sword around his shoulder in a sloppy manner.

“What’s up with you? Are you not coming toward me? Are you seriously expecting your injured brother to make the first attack? I didn’t know you were such an awful bastard.”

Zich provoked Greig lightly, but Greig merely fixed his grip and did not rush to attack.

‘Calm down. The situation is advantageous for me right now.’

It wouldn’t have been strange if Zich fainted at this very moment. Compared to Zich, there wasn’t a single injury on Greig, and he was in a good condition. Of course, Zich’s skills were unexpected, but even considering that, the situation still favored Greig.

‘I know this! How ca

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