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When the red-haired elder saw Jiang Li, he was extremely excited. He instantly appeared beside Jiang Li, grabbed his arm, and walked in.

The force from his arm was completely irresistible. Jiang Li could only helplessly be dragged in.

Just as the red-haired elder had said, there were five bottles of pills on the table.


He had been working really hard recently. His robe had turned black and his hands and face were covered with ashes. One look and one could tell that he had not left the alchemy room for a long time.

From the past few pill trials, this Hard Skin Pill formula was indeed about to succeed. It had reached a critical moment, which was why he was so excited and motivated. He even took out five improved plans in one go and let Jiang Li test the medicine.

At this moment, he was really not worried about killing Jiang Li.

“Junior Brother Jiang Li! Your complexion is so bad! Has the side effects from last time still not disappeared? Or has it gotten worse?”

Little Four saw Jiang Li’s expression and immediately became worried. She started pleading for Jiang Li, “Master! Let’s wait a while before testing the pills. Junior Brother Jiang Li’s body won’t be able to endure it!”

However, the red-haired elder was unmoved, completely ignoring Jiang Li’s expression and physical condition.

“Fool! The pill formula has already reached the critical moment! Don’t tell me you want our efforts to go to waste!”

“You’re not allowed to say such things again. After testing the pills, I’ll provide some more pills to help Jiang Li recuperate.”


The two-meter-tall burly man with fiery red hair and beard glared at them. Any child under the age of eight would probably pee in their pants.

Little Four was also teary-eyed from the reprimand. She just looked on worriedly, not daring to say anything else.

Indeed, the difference between a mid-grade Yellow-rank pill formula and an outer sect disciple was quite obvious.

“Senior Sister Little Four, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“As long as the Hard Skin Pill is completed, I will definitely recuperate well.”

Jiang Li comforted her, then picked up the medicinal pills on the table and began to consume them.

In truth, these medicinal pills were already much weaker than the initial version of the Hard Skin Pill.

Even with Jiang Li’s help, the red-haired elder’s standards were still a little low.

There were some side effects that he could not figure out. In the end, he had no choice but to weaken the medicinal effect bit by bit to avoid these side effects.

The current Hard Skin Pill only gave a 35% increase in skin defense. It was 15% worse than the complete version Jiang Li had eaten the first time.

This effect also happened to be stuck at the standard criteria for evaluating medium-grade Yellow-rank pills. It could be considered Elder Red Hair’s last bit of stubbornness.

If the effect was also lower, not only would the price drop dr

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