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Chapter 64: Inviting Demons to a Banquet

After a long time, the sound of moving bowls and chopsticks gradually ceased. Jiang Li turned around and saw that the entire table of dishes and wine had been completely consumed.

At the eight directions of the Eight Immortals Table, eight tiny shadows had unknowingly sat down.

They raised their heads and tilted their heads, either lying down or sitting down. They actually ate and drank their fill before the table and slept soundly.

“Everyone, are you satisfied with your food?”

It was as if Jiang Li could not smell the stench. He walked forward and gently patted the table.

However, the eight figures sitting on the chairs were all drunk and did not hear him at all.

It was not until Jiang Li slapped the table a few more times that the eight of them woke up in a daze.


When the eight of them woke up and saw Jiang Li beside them, they let out a strange cry and immediately tried to escape.

However, Jiang Li had already sealed the doors and windows with talisman papers.

He pulled a chair over and sat down, watching the eight shadows scurry around the guest room.

After a short while, when the eight guests saw that they were truly unable to escape, they trembled as they crawled out from the shadows and stood before Jiang Li like eight tiny figures.

“Friends, I’ve set up a banquet to invite you to eat food and drink wine. It’s not good for you to leave without saying goodbye after eating.”

Jiang Li looked down at the eight guests standing in a row on the floor in front of him.

The eight guests were shifty-eyed and their fur was shiny. They were less than three feet long! They were four long-bearded weasels and four black-furred rats!

After Jiang Li returned to the sect, he had exchanged for another Yin attribute spell technique, and it was the famous Spirit Summoning Technique!

If an Immortal Buddha executed this technique, he could easily summon the Heavenly Star Spirits or eight hundred Enlightened Monks!

If a certain Monkey King were to execute this technique, he would be able to summon the Deity of Thunder, or even the Deity of Mountains and Rivers!

However, later on, this world seemed to have experienced a calamity of heaven and earth. Dao techniques were crippled, and there were no Immortals or Buddhas to be found.

The orthodox Maoshan Immortal Sect with a background that covered the Three Realms had also been reduced to dust and lost many people.

The great Dao technique—Spirit Summoning—was simplified countless times. In the end, it could only communicate with some lonely ghosts and demons, or be used to invite ghosts to possess the user.

It was almost completely in an unorthodox position now.

Now, the cultivation world was flourishing again. All kinds of buried Daoist texts and secret scriptures were dug out by people again, and only then did Jiang Li learn it in the Scripture Storage Pavilion.

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