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Faced with the crowd’s doubts, Jiang Li could only explain that it was due to a special cultivation method that he had no choice but to do so.

They all knew that Jiang Li often stayed in the graveyard to cultivate. It did not seem unreasonable for him to bring a coffin when he went out now…

After settling the procedures, everyone rented a spirit colt carriage from the sect and set off.

The distance between the Southern Seal Kingdom and the Southern Seal Kingdom was not far. If they traveled day and night in the carriage, they would arrive in three days.


After all, it was impossible for the sect to let their disciples run too far to carry out missions.

Jiang Li and the others were seated in a carriage. They followed the path that someone had cut out and sped towards a certain direction.

During this period, they could not help but stop to rest and start a fire to cook.

Yu Banxia and the rest had experienced it before, so they knew what to take note of when they went out to camp.

Along the way, they did not have to worry about food and drinks. Lu Qianqian, that petite girl, actually sang well. From time to time, she would sing a few songs, bringing a lot of joy to the boring journey.


In this world, the Great Mountain Region was only a small region in the Nine Provinces and was relatively barren and remote.

However, to Jiang Li and the other Qi Refinement realm cultivators who could not fly, the vastness was unimaginable.

In any case, Jiang Li still could not remember how many mortal kingdoms there were in the Great Mountain Region.

The Southern Seal Kingdom was one of them. In terms of size and population, it was less than a third of the Great Goose Kingdom that Jiang Li originated from. Moreover, it was backed by a desert of sand. The land was dry, and its population was less than ten million.

It was said that this incident had a wide range of influence. There were as many as two thousand children who were unconscious. It was only because of this that the King of the Southern Seal Kingdom could no longer sit still and paid a price to send people to issue a commission in the Southern Seal Kingdom.

As they got closer and closer to the end of the journey, Jiang Li felt a bit strange.

The air became even drier. The soil along the way gradually turned from rich black soil to yellow soil and sand that were even more unfavorable to plant growth.

It was midsummer, and the flowers and trees by the roadside were supposed to be full of life.

However, at a glance, all the plants in the forest appeared to be wilting. The leaves of many plants were dyed with a withered yellow color of autumn.

Jiang Li had a Wood attribute spiritual root, so it was inevitable that he would be more sensitive to such matters than others.

Looking at the map provided by the sect, there was a huge desert behind the Southern Seal Kingdom that had no clear boundaries.

If the governance of the

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