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Chapter 44: Piranha

Feeling the black zombie’s current state, Jiang Li paused for a moment on the water surface. He gritted his teeth and finally made up his mind, dispelling the Wood Armor Technique

Without the wooden armor’s buoyancy, Jiang Li’s body quickly sank into the churning river water.

He rolled and spun again. His body stiffened instinctively as he tried to resist the water flow.

Calm down! Calm down!

Relax! Relax!

Jiang Li endured the weightlessness in the water and relaxed his muscles.

Just like a game character who was not being controlled, he cast aside his body’s feelings and watched as he flowed along with the waves.

At first, the intense spinning did not slow down, but instead sped up.

In the murky river, the shadow ahead grew larger and larger. It was clearly another rock!

Spiritual Armament! Mountain Crushing Scripture!

The impending collision made him instinctively want to defend himself.

However… even if he hit it, with his defense, he would not die, right… why not give it a try?

Give it a try!

Jiang Li removed the armament and relaxed his bulging muscles from circulating the Mountain Crushing Scripture.

He felt himself being propelled by the current. His head flew toward the rock.


It was impossible for him not to panic. However, the outcome of his head being smashed did not happen.

Amidst the sound of liquid flowing, Jiang Li’s body seemed to have no bones. Following that, the water flow that suddenly turned around twisted, and he actually barely avoided the hard rock.

It worked! He really avoided it!

Under the water, Jiang Li was overjoyed. He excitedly spat out a series of bubbles from his mouth.

This was indeed feasible!

With this successful experience, his confidence increased greatly. His body naturally became more relaxed as he followed the rapid flow of water.

After a long time, the sun rose. The gentle light penetrated the river, leaving only a mottled shadow on Jiang Li’s face.


A few air bubbles gushed out from his nose. Jiang Li stepped back from the cultivation state of the Ghost Wood Art. He sensed that the water around him had already become calm and gentle. With a thought, it seemed that he had already reached the gentle flow region.

At this moment, there was a slight tug and pain on his hair and skin.

He opened his eyes and saw a group of palm-sized fish that looked like axes tearing at his body.

He raised his hand and used Appraisal.

Compared to humans, Appraisal was much better for these weak and low-level ordinary creatures.

[Name: Sawtooth Piranha]

[Type: Aquatic Animal]

[Age: Mature]

[Gender: Female]

[Source of Nutrition: Meat]

[Habit: Crowd Hunting]

So, was he being targeted by a group of piranhas?

Jiang Li shook his head and hands, trying to shrug off the few piranhas that were hanging on his body.

However, unlike fishes that wo

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