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Chapter 41: Information

“We’ll speak! Whatever you want to ask, we’ll answer!”

Jiang Li was very satisfied with the attitude of the Twin Devils of the Thorn River.

This was how humans were. When they had nothing, they were not afraid of anything. However, when they had something, they would be afraid of losing it.

“Then, let’s talk about it first. What’s the matter with the birth of the demon in the Southern Seal Kingdom?”

Jiang Li asked the question that he wanted to know the most.

“You don’t know? Forget it… we actually don’t know much ourselves.”

“We only heard of this news. A cultivator witnessed a zombie demon, a zombie demon that was transformed from a Golden Core cultivator who died nearby.”

Wu Jiang was surprised by Jiang Li’s question, but he, who was plagued by pill poisoning, no longer had the mood to consider these trivial matters.

“A zombie demon transformed from a Golden Core cultivator! Is this news reliable?”

“Furthermore, such a terrifying demon has appeared. It’s one thing for you not to escape, but why do you dare to come over and join in the fun? Don’t tell me you’re here to eliminate the demon and defend the people.”

When Jiang Li asked these two questions, the Wu brothers instantly became even more depressed.

This fellow barely knew anything about the general knowledge of the cultivation world. He was an extremely young child, yet their Twin Devils of the Thorn River had actually fallen into the hands of such a newbie. It was truly heart-wrenching.

“The news was spread by the Immortal Ascension Pavilion. They have a good reputation. This kind of information can’t be faked.”

“They also provided evidence that there was indeed a Golden Core cultivator who died here 70 years ago. His body was never found.”

“As for why they came, aren’t the Zombie Cores transformed from a cultivator’s Golden Core and the treasures left behind by a Golden Core cultivator all things that can make us cultivators go crazy?”

As the saying goes, humans die for wealth and birds die for food.

The temptation of a Golden Core cultivator’s legacy was something that even high-level cultivators of the same level could not resist, let alone these bottom-tier cultivators.

Although the probability was very low, what if they found the treasure? Almost everyone came with this thought.

Even Jiang Li could not help but feel tempted after hearing this news.

“Looks like the scope of this news and influence is very wide. How many cultivators have arrived? Where are they gathered? How many sects and forces have arrived? Where are they?”

Jiang Li asked another long string of questions. In the end, he simply took out a panorama map of the royal family of the Southern Seal Kingdom and asked the two of them to draw while talking!

Transforming a zombie demon was not easy, and it was even harder for a Golden Core cultivator to become a zombie demon. This was also why those cultivators w

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