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Chapter 56: Big Fish, Maha

Jiang Li, Yu Banxia, and the others boarded the sect’s flying ship again. However, this time, it seemed a little crowded.

After all, there were more than two thousand children on the ship. They could only make do with a few people sharing a room.

Soon, the flying ship returned to the sect. When they disembarked, Jiang Li discovered in surprise that many of the children who had fainted earlier had already woken up.

After asking around, he learned that after the inspection by the sect’s professionals, these children were in a state of extreme thirst for spiritual qi because of unknown reasons. Because their spiritual qi demand was unable to be satisfied, they spontaneously fell into a slumber.

The solution was very simple. They only needed to use a simple array formation to pour the spiritual qi of one to two spirit stones into the unconscious child’s body and they would automatically awaken.

This matter was done together with the test of spiritual root grade.

Jiang Li, Yu Banxia, and the rest took their rewards from the outer sect affairs hall.

Yu Banxia and the others got 300 spirit stones, while Jiang Li got 500 and also a special one-time use token!

(A portion of the rewards was taken away by the elders.)

It was very inconvenient to have a large bag of 500 spirit stones, so Jiang Li directly exchanged 400 of them for four precious medium-grade spirit stones from the counter.

The exchange rate between medium-grade and low-grade spirit stones was generally 1: 100.

However, due to the rarity of medium-grade spirit stones, in the outside world, the exchange rate between medium-grade and low-grade spirit stones was slightly higher. It could only be maintained under the supervision of the sect.

Therefore, as long as the person-in-charge made use of this position, he would be able to earn a steady income from the price difference. It was quite a good job.

At that time, the inner sect senior brother of the outer sect’s affairs hall acted a little displeased.

Yu Banxia and the rest did not dare to frown. However, Jiang Li felt that everyone would be on equal footing after the outer sect competition. Why would he be afraid?

Moreover, he was a rich inner sect disciple after all. Wasn’t it too demeaning to bear grudges for these few spirit stones?

He completely ignored him and acted as if he did not see it, decisively exchanging for the spirit stones.

When he returned to his room, he directly stuffed the spirit stones into the Yin Burial Coffin. Jiang Li did not care about anything else and directly ran to the window at the head of the bed and picked up the ordinary clay pot.

It was exactly the same as before he went out. There was still nothing growing.

After pushing aside the soil, the spiritual root seed was still lying there perfectly fine. It did not seem to have changed at all and there were no signs of sprouting.

However, Jiang Li notice

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