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Chapter 84: Golden Wind Jade Dew

“Your bone is broken? It’s a small matter. You can stand beside him. I’ll treat you together.”

The female cultivator from the Rejuvenation Hall glanced at Jiang Li’s palm and immediately saw what was going on. Body cultivators at the initial stages of fist cultivation would often break their own palms and bones.

After checking that the broken end of his palm was properly connected, she got Jiang Li to stand beside the heavily injured disciple.

Jiang Li looked at the appearance of the other party’s chest caving in and his entire body covered in blood, and then he looked at the reddened swelling on his right hand and realized that this was really a small matter.

Standing beside the disciple, the two female cultivators stood on the left and right side. Then, they formed hand seals and softly muttered spell techniques.

A ball of blue light representing Water-attribute spiritual qi and a ball of green light representing Wood-attribute spiritual qi blossomed in their hands.

Two meters away, an abundant aura of vitality assaulted his senses.

The disciples of the Rejuvenation Hall mainly cultivated healing spells, and they basically all had these two types of spiritual root attributes. Under normal circumstances, when the two of them cooperated, they could display even stronger healing effects.

They might not be able to resurrect the dead, but regenerating the body was extremely simple for them.

A moment later, the two spell techniques transformed into a gust of wind and rain that blew towards Jiang Li and the outer sect disciple.

Wood attribute spell technique, Golden Wind Technique!

Water attribute spell technique, Jade Dew Technique!

Specks of rain landed on Jiang Li’s face and hands as the golden wind blew. He only felt a refreshing comfort seep into his limbs and bones from the surface of his body.

Jiang Li could not help but close his eyes and quietly feel the surging vitality and dense life force that radiated from his body!

[Under the effect of the Golden Wind Technique and Jade Dew Technique. Added Status: Golden Wind Jade Dew.]

[Golden Wind Jade Dew: Regenerates 10 Health Points per second. Duration: 30 seconds] (− +)

The effects of spell techniques and medicinal pills were different. The effects of medicinal pills were lower but lasted longer.

The characteristics of the spell technique were immediate, but the effect did not last long.

To Jiang Li, the duration of the effect was not important. As long as the effect was strong enough, even if it was for a second, he could set it to unlimited duration with two taps.

[Golden Wind Jade Dew: Regenerates 10 Health Points per second. Duration: ∞] (−)

Just this status alone allowed Jiang Li’s recovery speed to increase by five times. When he went out in the future, he would really be fighting with people while drinking health potions constantly.

The fracture on his right palm was

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