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“Gasp! Brother, be gentler.”


Jiang Li was in pain, but this martial artist found it funny.

“Bear with it, kid. Bite injuries in the wilderness are the most troublesome. If you don’t treat it properly, you’ll be infected with their tooth poison. You won’t be able to keep your entire arm.”

Jiang Li knew that the tooth poison was what they called the wound infection. Although he could clearly see the abnormal condition with the status panel, he did not want the Scaled Demon’s dirty saliva to remain in the wound. He could only endure the pain and continue talking.

“Alright… but Big Brother, what exactly are those things that attacked us today? Why do they look so similar to humans?” Jiang Li asked the obvious.

“Those are Scaled Demons. They are monsters from the sea. They look like humans, and they are all beauties.”


“But regarding that monster, actually all males and females look the same, and they even eat humans.”


What he wanted to express was very obvious. That beautiful appearance was just a disguise to lure their prey.

Jiang Li also felt a chill down his spine. He was wondering why these Scaled Demons looked like they were all females. So that was the reason.

These days, even those of other races have started to cross dress. It was truly a sight to behold.


“Then Big Brother, why don’t you just kill these monsters? Why do you need to capture them?”

He pointed at the martial artists not far away. They were moving the immobile Scaled Demons on the ground and throwing them into the metal cage carriage.

The sneak attack earlier had caused more than half of the Scaled Demons to escape. Now, the ones they had caught were once again locked up in empty cages.

This night attack had caused quite a bit of damage to the convoy. However, with the death of the Scaled Demons, it was obvious that they had lost even more. No one knew what these monsters were after.

“Of course we’re selling them. Alright, if you can move, go help the rest. I still have to save others.” With that said, he carried the medicine box and left.


Jiang Li touched the bandage and felt that it was more comfortable to move in than Yan Hong’s bandage.

He glanced at the interface panel. That bite was indeed ruthless. It took away 77 of his health points.

Although this was just a quantification in the character interface and could not be used to determine the physical condition of the body based on the health points, it still had a considerable reference value.

The medicine that that martial artist had applied to him was clearly inferior to the Pear Blossom Frost. The buff did not even appear.

However, Jiang Li now had two recovery buffs, [Slow Healing] and [Promoted Healing]. With these two, he could recover 6 health points every hour. In about 13 hours, his injuries would completely recover.


To mortals, this speed was quite exaggerated.


As an injured person,

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