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Ordinary people would die on the spot if they stayed at this location with dense Yin qi for more than ten seconds.

Jiang Li was an internal martial artist, he was strong and powerful, but he also felt a chill all over his body.

As time passed, the chill traveled from his skin to his bones and back to his skin. If there was an outsider present, they would realize that Jiang Li’s entire body was purple and his lips were black. He did not look like a living person at all.


[Attacked by Yin qi, Added Status: Wood-Yin Infusion]

[Wood-Yin Infusion: Lose 1 point of health per second, all attributes reduced by 30%, Constitution reduced by 1.1. Duration: 12 hours] (− +)

This was the first time that Jiang Li had seen a status that used seconds as a unit. Moreover, it was a negative state of depletion.


Losing one health point every second, it was indeed impossible for a mortal body to withstand the Yin qi produced in a graveyard of cultivators.

However, Jiang Li did not immediately disperse his state, nor did he use his internal force to resist. Instead, he focused his mind and calmed his spirit. He used the method written in the ‘Ghost Wood Art’ to actively guide the Yin qi into his body.

Wasn’t that why he had spent half a month cultivating behind closed doors?

Although his current state was painful, drawing qi into his body was as easy as blowing off dust. The seed that he had been visualizing in his mind was taking shape at an unimaginable speed. It became clear, three-dimensional, and full of vitality!

[Ghost Wood Art Qi Refinement chapter Level 0 → Level 1]

[Ghost Wood Art Qi Refinement chapter Level 1 has been reached. The new class, Qi Cultivator, has been acquired. Do you want to switch to the main class?]

On the interface, the level of the Ghost Wood Art quietly changed. A striking notification popped up as well.

Jiang Li decisively chose “yes”, and his main class was immediately replaced.

[Name: Jiang Li]

[Age: 13]

[Race: Human]

[Main Class: Qi Cultivator, Level: Initial Stage]

[Sub-Class: Martial Artist, Level: First-Rate]

There was still a certain difference between the main and sub-class. For example, in the original game settings, the experience gained from the main class would increase by 20%. However, in reality, it was unknown how this would occur.

After cultivating the first level of the Ghost Wood Art and becoming an initial-stage Qi Cultivator, Jiang Li immediately felt the difference.

The bone-chilling numbness was fading bit by bit, and his stiff body was gradually recovering its senses.

At this moment, not only did he no longer feel uncomfortable, he even felt as comfortable as a spring breeze.

Looking at the interface again, the status of [Wood-Yin Infusion] was still there.

However, things were different now. The dense Wood-Yin qi was like a fatal poison to him earlier, but now, it was a great supplement!

[Wood-Yin Inf

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