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The hydroelectric power plant is behind the dam and the left half of the dam being the spillway section – where the water spills out of the gates. Below the high dam on the right is the control station of the hydropower plant, which can only be accessed through the access road.

There is a neatly built road along the steep mountain to the left and right of the power plant along the steep mountain, but they’re all roads going to other places along the reservoir. If one wants to enter the hydropower plant, there is only one way to go.

But that only road is now set up with a nearly three meters high power grid. Many zombies tried to cross the grid one after another, but the electric current started to appear on their bodies.

Although they didn’t feel any pain while screaming towards the back of the grid, that is the hydropower station, they slowly burned to the point of incapacitation.

Some zombies rolled down the lower reaches of the reservoir due to crowding and were washed away by the rolling river.

All in all, even if no one is watching, no zombie can get past this layer of protection.

Hao Jian retracted the telescope and gave it to Lian Ru Ning next to her. Xin Ting impatiently asked, “Well, did you see anyone?”

“Yes, there are four people wearing military uniforms outside, armed with guns. The situation inside the factory isn’t clear, whether it’s the road into the plant or the two roads along the reservoir, they’re all blocked. The place is surrounded by zombies is the only entrance.”

Hao Jian glanced at the power grid in front and felt that the guards were very cautious. They also blocked the two highways along the reservoir to prevent zombies and people with ulterior motives.

“Then, how do we get in?”

Hao Jian touched his chin, “The role of the reservoir is not only to generate electricity but also farming and livestock. If there is river farming, it means that there are other ways to get in. However, we may need to detour and the guards may also have set up a power grid over there.”

Lian Ru Ning also confirmed the situation at the power station, “We should be cautious based on the pretense that the other party is a ‘Wugui’ person. if the other party is really a soldier, then we don’t have to be so sneaky. The place where the power grid is set should have cameras to monitor the situation around. We can go over and take a look.”

Hao Jian looked at her with a smile, making the temperature of her face suddenly rise.


“Little sister is right!” Hao Jian took Lian Ru Ning’s hand, “So, let’s go back to Peng Mao and the others now! It’s getting dark too.”

Hao Jian’s hands now had some calluses and were not as soft as it was then, yet Lian Ru Ning still remembered the strength and the softness they felt when they first held hands.

If it wasn’t for Xin Ting on the side, she really wanted to ask Hao Jian why she liked holding her hand so much now. Although she doesn’t hate being he

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