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Chapter 41

The next morning, Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning got up, washed up, changed their clothes, tied their hair, and went to the bridge to gather.

Both An Minghui and Yi Gao were there, along with a few volunteers who had been recruited earlier.

Hao Jian asked, “Not going to start search and rescue work today?”

“Today’s search and rescue work is suspended. At noon, people from other shelters will come to discuss important matters.” Yi Gao replied.

The guards of each refuge base must be very busy and are facing many challenges, but Hao Jian will leave here tomorrow. What happens next has nothing to do with her.

An Minghui first taught them the structure of the gun and then theoretical knowledge of gun precautions and posture before giving them each of a practice gun – “First, practice with this gun. The real gun shot is a little loud but there is no earplugs here, so you have to adapt in shooting guns without earplugs.”

The target that An Minghui arranged for them to practice on was the zombies that had to be cleaned up every day, the ones that had gathered in the dam.

But the bridge has been blocked by the truck and the zombies can only go over the truck or crawl underneath it. However, whether it is the height of the truck or the climbing action, it is somewhat difficult for these zombies. Occasionally, some zombies happen to crawl under the truck, but before they could get close to the protective guardrail, they were killed.

An Minghui also doesn’t want the to go to the dam to shoot, so they can only find a safe position on the bridge.

The entire bridge is more than 80 meters long, and the outermost guardrail is 15 to 16 meters away from the dam, so they have to shoot at a moving target with a distance of more than 15 meters there.

“There are very few bullets, so if more than three out of ten shots fall short, then you don’t have to learn. Those who pass will be replaced with real bullets and be officially trained.” An Minghui said seriously.

Someone whispered, “This is too harsh, we are not professionals!”

“If you were professionals, would you still be here?!” An Minghui’s eyes became very scary all of a sudden. “You remember, learning marksmanship will give you one more self-defense skill. If you don’t learn it well, when the time comes, the one who dies will be you!”

The crowd went silent. Lian Ru Ning whispered to Hao Jian, “Adjutant An may have been an instructor.”

Hao Jian laughed and pointed her gun to the zombies on the shore. With a ‘bang’, the zombie’s stomach immediately oozed out.

The crowd saw her shoot, worrying about lagging behind as they looked for targets to shoot. Hao Jian successfully shot eight times while Lian Ru Ning shot a lot because she took a lot of targets and finally got seven shots.

Three people who only got four or five shots were expelled by An Minghui without mercy and then pointed at Lian Ru Ning indignantly, “If we had shot that slowly, it w

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