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When Lian Ru Ning went to Hao Jian, Peng Mao and Xin Ting also sat down to chat together. Although Xin Ting mentioned some of their experiences before, Peng Mao still knows very little about them, so he asked Xin Ting, “Where are you going next?”

Xin Ting thought for a while and felt that there is nothing wrong with telling him about their plans to go to Southern City, so she told him the truth.

“Then your parents are in Southern City?”

Xin Ting was taken aback and she shook her head, “I grew up in Yangshi City, so my parents are in Yangshi City. The reason why I was a teacher in a township school is because I was studying at the normal university when the position opened in the market. It was an arrangement for an internship in an elementary school.”

“Don’t you worry about them?”

“Yang City is a small city between the third of fourth tier, and my family is in the town. Compared to the city, it is quite safe. Not to mention my dad is brave and powerful as Hao Jian. He will protect my mother’s safety.”

Peng Mao did not expect that although Xin Ting was timid, she was very trusting and optimistic towards her parents.

“From here to Yangshi, you have to pass through the Southern City, so you are going home?!” Peng Mao said.

Xin Ting was silent. In fact, she didn’t have a clear goal for where she was going. At the beginning, she left Xinhe Elementary School only because of the siege of a group of zombies. After leaving there, she didn’t have the courage to go alone, so she confusedly followed Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning on the road.

Until she came here, she still had time to calm down and think about the way forward.

“What about you?” Xin Ting asked rhetorically.

Peng Mao thought for a while, “Before I met you, I thought I was bound to die. How could I plan a way forward? But I heard from Ding Gu-nian’s group that there might be corresponding rescue measures in the military area. If I go there, I might be lucky. The nearest military base is in Southern City. Why don’t I go to Southern City with you!”

Xin Ting didn’t know whether Peng Mao was trustworthy. She wanted to ask Hao Jian before giving him an answer. She didn’t tell him the truth, instead she told him, “You have found a direction to live your life, that’s great. You can talk to Hao Jian about it later, she always had an idea and can arrange it properly.”

Peng Mao said, “She really is amazing. You all seem to trust Hao Jian. Although she looks tall and thing, I didn’t expect her to be so explosive. Is she an athlete?”

“I don’t know what she does. . .”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Xin Ting was taken aback and Peng Mao listened for a moment. The sound outside the door knocked three times and after a while, it rang three times again. Not like the sound of a zombie grabbing the door.

He was about to open the door when Hao Jian went downstairs.

“The three people outside, they have knives in the hands, be caref

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