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Peng Mao, a native of Jiangshi, is only 26 years old this year, Although he doesn’t look tall, he’s a fitness coach.

Recently, their company opened a new gym opposite the county’s government office. As he couldn’t get any clients, he was arranged to come here.

He was busy here for many days with the business opening and buying classes for the members. When he had the time, he saw a large number of people flooding into the township. And because someone made trouble in front of the county’s government office, he was worried that it would affect him, so he hid in the gym and didn’t come out.

Later, his younger brother came to look for him and he knew that an unknown virus had spread everywhere. He also knew that the infected people would turn to become zombies and that their father was killed.

The brothers lost their mother when they were still a child and their father worked hard to raise them. He also stayed and worked in his hometown for his filial piety, but his father’s gone?

He was sad for a while, and then they saw danger approaching the gym before they had the chance to run away.

On the way they met a group of people headed by a man named Ding Gu-nian. They weren’t as confused or scared as the others and fought bravely against the zombies.

Peng Mao and his younger brother Peng Sheng felt very safe to follow them, but when they came to this village, they were attacked by a large number of zombies.

“So they don’t think you have much combat power and thought you were a burden if you follow them, so they just threw you here?” Hao Jian understood.

Peng Mao complained aggrievedly, “I’m just a fitness coach, not a terminator!”

The corner of Hao Jian’s mouth twitched, “What about your brother?”

Speaking of Peng Sheng, his eyes became red and said, “He felt that I was useless and couldn’t shelter him so he left with the group! The reason why he went to the countryside to look for me was actually because he wanted to take refuge! He wasn’t worried about me at all!”

Xin Ting frowned, “Aren’t you brothers?”

“Yes, but I would rather that we aren’t brothers!” Peng Mao was very disappointed, “He would rather be the younger brother of those people than go with me. He has no dignity!”

“In the face of desperation, who will choose dignity over death? Most people will of course avoid the latter!” Lian Ru Ning walked over.

When Peng Mao told what happened to him, Hao Jian and the others took turns to watch around the temple. Otherwise, if everyone stayed in the temple, Peng Mao might be beseiged.

“How’s the situation outside?” Hao Jian was no longer interested in Peng Mao’s affairs. She is going to watch and take a rest.

“There are no zombies.”

“It seems that Ding Gu-nian’s group has decent combat effectiveness. Although they can’t completely eliminate the huge group of zombies, at least there are a lot fewer zombies in the village and its surroundings.”

Peng Mao said, “I think you guy

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