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As a female student in Geological Engineering, it was a normal occurrence to go out in the field. They would go out, practice what they learned and work with a team to survey. This was the case that happened to Lian Ru Ning. After spending a lot of time surveying, she would gradually be physically weaker when she faced the zombies.

“I can’t run anymore. . .” Running with nothing but pure will, Lian Ru Ning looked at the approaching figure. The choice between life and death danced in her mind, powering her fight or flight response.

In the end, her desire to survive overpowered her thoughts to give up and die. She grit her teeth and turned her head towards the mountain.

If it was the usual mountain road, Lian Ru Ning may still have a chance, but she barely had any physical strength left. It was clear that she’ll have trouble climbing.

Suddenly, her foot slipped that caused her entire body to dive on the mud. The thick gravel scratched her palms during her fall.

She was originally still a distance away from the zombie, but because of this, the zombie caught up to her. She turned her head and watched as the nauseating face rush towards her. Feeling the fear, she closed her eyes shut and awaited for death.

Just then, she heard screaming followed by bashing sounds that penetrated her ears, she could hear strange cries from the zombie. Lain Ru Ning seemed to have felt something and when she opened her eyes, she saw a figure holding a meter long wooden stick, desperately slamming it on the zombie’s head.

The zombie tried to fight back, but the figure was relentless. It attacked again and again, bashing the zombie’s chest before kicking it away.

“Climb up quickly!” The person yelled at Lian Ru Ning, who regained her senses after a few seconds before finally running up the mountain.

The zombie got up from the ground once again and chased the two, fortunately, it was having trouble moving forward due to the steep climb. If it weren’t for this, there was no way the zombie would let its prey get further and further away.

Lian Ru Ning’s stamina has reached its limit, and if she were to run any further, she probably won’t be able to move her legs tomorrow. She staggered before falling on the ground, she was dizzy and in the brink of losing consciousness.

Hearing the movement behind her, Hao Jian turned her head and called out to Lian Ru Ning with a sense of urgency in her voice, “Get up and continue running.”

Lian Ru Ning shook her head, her vision was getting dimmer and she felt that the air in her lungs were so cold that it burned.

Hao Jian circled back and went to check. After making sure that the zombie won’t be able to catch up to them in the mean time, she no longer forced Lian Ru Ning to get up. When she reached for the water in her backpack, she realized that the blood-stained stick was still on her hand. She was gripping it tightly while her hands were shaking.

It was her first time fighting aga

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