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Chapter 45


In their minds, Hao Jian is careful, cautious, and has a flexible mind. Apart from being shamed by Li Chang and the others at the gas station, it seemed impossible for Hao Jian to be tricked.

Moreover, after encountering the situation in the gas station, she has learned her lesson and has become more careful and cautious. How could such a person be outsmarted by others again?

At this moment, they saw Hao Jian turning in through the window. When they were about to speak, Hao Jian made a silencing gesture, “Shh. . .”

They quickly realized that something was going on and quietly walked over, “What’s wrong?”

“When we arrived, I noticed that there are surveillance cameras at the entrance of the second floor, the living room, the dining room, and the common area on the second floor, and they’re still working.”

They were alarmed but still managed to lower their voices, “Someone’s here?!”

They shuddered at the thought that their every move was being watched.

“So I turned off the main power supply and looked to check if they had a UPS installed.”

“What’s a UPS?”

“It’s an Uninterruptible Power Supply. A normal surveillance system wouldn’t have any backup power supply, so it will stop functioning after a power outage. But some of the more important places, or those who have the financial resources will basically install UPS systems so that they can continue monitoring even after a power outage and they can also send out an alarm.”

“But we didn’t hear anything just now.”

“I have been observing the cameras and they stopped moving. The home security cameras installed here are not equipped with UPS. But I’m not sure if there are any monitors.”


Hao Jian pointed upstairs and both Lian Ru Ning and Xin Ting grabbed their weapons and prepared to lurk with Hao Jian on the third floor that they haven’t searched yet.

Peng Mao was washing his hair and opened his eyes when he realized that it was pitch black. He couldn’t help but open the door and ask, “What’s going on, is the power out?”

No one responded so he couldn’t help himself but feel panicked. He hurriedly cleaned himself and put on clean clothes before walking out.

“Hao Jian, Miss Lian, Xiao Ting?”

No one responded to him, making him panic even more. He rushed to the living room and didn’t find them either.

Suddenly, there was a pig-like squeal coming from the upper floors, “Ah, it hurts! Don’t do it, I surrender. I surrender!”

Peng Mao took a deep breath, grabbed the crowbar and followed to the third floor.

The common area on the third floor was relatively small. It had an open-air balcony of 40 to 50 square feet and two rooms. In one of the rooms, Hao Jian, Lian Ru Ning, and Xin Ting were gathered there.

He let out a big sigh of relief, but saw Hao Jian shine her flashlight at him, “Go and pull up the main breaker next to the garage.|

“Huh?” He was slightl

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