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vekalat-talagh > The Mysterious Empress > 8 His First Love

The man who was staring at the east turned around at his friend who just came back from the main palace.

"They said they will start the journey tomorrow," Argus sat down on the soft couch across the room. "Tell me again, why would you choose to travel with these envoy? We can just go by ourselves."

"We cannot use our ident.i.ty as just some merchants this time," Ethan also sat down. "We need to enter the palace of Aur after all, and we need the invitation to do that."

"We can just disguise ourselves and slip inside the palace," Argus said.

"That will be a risk. You should understand that this new King of Aur is different from the previous rulers."

"You sure give him a lot of face," Argus snickered.

Ethan just smiled at the comment.

"But the King of Zvon sure is lenient to let us tag along to Aur. I thought he would get suspicious at our sudden request."

"He doesn't want to lose the merchandise that we offer," Ethan said, uninterested. "Our request this time only make him think that we want some business opportunity with Aur, and he actually doesn't want that. But if he refused, he will also lose this business opportunity, so most probably he is letting us go with the envoy with some plan in mind."

"He sure does think highly of the power Zvon has," Argus yawned. "He thinks that even if we do something, the other kingdom would not dare to 's.n.a.t.c.h' our merchandise, because we clearly came with the Zvon envoy."

Ethan did not have anything to comment on that, so he just smiled.

"We are going to Aur this time to enter the palace, but i believe you're thinking of something else," Argus snorted.

"You must be thinking of the white lady, I know!" Argus exclaimed when he saw the other raises his eyebrows.

"Actually," Argus said hesitantly. "What's so special about her that made you thinking about her for the whole 5 years until now?"

"She's a beauty."

"There's a lot of other beauty."

"Well, I guess it was a love at the first sight?"

"Wasn't that l.u.s.t?"

"Maybe it was."


"But it's been 5 years. Are you sure she is still single? Maybe she already married a handsome guy and they have 3 kids at home." Argus just said this nonchalantly but he regretted it when he saw the face Ethan showed to him.

"It would not be 5 years if it's not because of your mistake last time," Ethan said menacingly.

"Alright, alright, I apologise. It's not like I can help it!" Argus felt wronged.

Ethan sighed, he knew more that anyone that the incident 5 years ago is n.o.body's fault, neither his nor Argus. But, due to that, he missed the opportunity to pursue that woman who stole his heart. 5 years was such a short time for the feeling to vanish, instead it kept digging into his heart, and remain rooted there.

Stealing a glance at his friend in front of him, Argus said slowly. "But, rather than the white lady, I'm interested in the ice block that was always beside her."

"I just felt som

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