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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 23

The girl party was decided to be held at my house.

Intending to gather and recommend pastries to one another.

Our schedules didn't match so the girls party ended up being set for the second half of summer break, even so we were able to hold it.

I was busy spreading a cloth on the table and decorating with flowers.

Ah, I should prepare the tea now.

Since the tea brewed by the servant is more delicious than mine, I asked him.

While I was noisily preparing, Nao arrived.

Is it already time?

Nao handed a big paper bag to the servant.

When I asked, ‘What did you bring?’ I was told, ‘It's a secret.’ I wonder what she brought. Nao never failed at choosing pastries so I'm looking forward to it.

As soon as I guided Nao to the room of the tea party, Miku-sama also arrived. Miku-sama was empty handed.

Miku-sama looking sorry said,

“I'm sorry, it looks like the sweets I requested didn’t make it in time, they will arrive later.”

“My, is that so? I'm looking forward to Miku-sama’s sweets.”

“Yes. I can guarantee the taste. Look forward to it.”

While we were having such a conversation, I guided her to the room.

It's the first meeting between Nao and Miku-sama. I must introduce then properly! I raised up my fighting spirit.

“Miku-san, this is my childhood friend Otsuki Nao.”

“Nice to meet you, I'm Otsuki Nao.”

“Nao, this is Minase Miku-san.”

“Nice to meet you, I'm called Minase Miku.”

Nao and Miku-sama shook hands.

Un, it went well. I'm glad.

Feeling relieved, I was about to sit on the chair to urge the two to do the same when my foot was caught in the chair and I was about to fall down.

I somehow managed to avoid that by seizing the back of the chair.

The two of them looked on surprised, perhaps my figure falling down but ultimately avoiding it was strange, because they laughed.

“Ahaha. Rinka you're amusing…..!”

“Maa…..fufuh…...as expected of Rinksan.”

What does ‘as expected’ mean, Miku-sama?

Pouting a bit I glared at them.

And that seemed to be strange again, because the two of them laughed even more.

Mou, what's this…..

From then on, they got along really well.

Mainly talking about me.

“Rinka is a bit? No, quite weird, right? Is she causing trouble?”

“That is Rinksan’s charm. So it's okay.”

“If so, then it's fine but…… even so, Minase-san is incredible to say that Rinka’s strange points are charming.”

“Fufu. I wonder, please, call me Miku.”

“Then I won't hold back. Miku too, call me Nao, okay?”

“Sure, Nao.”

Wait you two, aren't you forgetting about me?

Giving a side glance at the excited girls, lonely, I drank my tea.

I'm glad they are getting along…...i-it’s not like I'm lonely or anything, okay!?

When I was sulking a bit, the servant called me.

“Ojou-sama, is it fine to call you now?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Minase-sama's guest came.”

“Miku-san's guest?”

I wonder wh

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