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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 20
20 Rival young miss

Recently, I've made a new friend.

She is a bit strange.

Even though she is a beauty on the level of making people jealous, because of her strange speech and conduct, that beauty gets overshadowed. It's truly a pity, but I know that is her charm.

She really does look up to me. Even though we are of the same age, sometimes I do think “cute” as if she was my younger sister.

She is on good terms with my childhood friend, Sousuke.

Sousuke, who looked like he had retreated into a sh.e.l.l recently, thanks to her, I was able to talk to him again like in the past. I'm really grateful to her.

However, when we have a chat between the two of us, I wonder how we end up talking about her without fail?

No, I know. Sousuke is attracted to her, right? I know. Nevertheless, I feel a bit lonely.

I think it's close to what a little sister would feel in having her big brother stolen. We are of the same age but Sousuke is more mature, so I think of him as a big brother.

I want to support Sousuke's feelings.

Because I know that if I were to say such things to Sousuke, he would deny it, I decided to secretly support him.

First thing’s first, I should create an opportunity were he can go to a date with her.

After arranging an appointment to go watch a movie with Subaru, I emailed her.

First of all, I reported to her that I arranged to watch the movie with Subaru, and after that, in a nonchalant and roundabout way, I told her to have a date with Sousuke.

She probably hasn’t even thought for a moment that this is a date, but that's fine. It's okay if Sousuke is the one conscious of it.

Please, let those two’s date go well, I prayed.

In the end, they didn’t have something that resembled a date. Her little brother followed her.

I was told that, at that moment she wore something really bold. It seemed like her little brother was worried about such a big sister.

My cheeks loosened at the affection the little brother felt toward the sister, as in the rumors.

It seems like she completely didn’t understand the worries of her brother, and I sympathized with him a bit.

I asked about what happened that day to Sousuke, too.

As I did that, he said that he didn't want to remember.

It looked like he had to considerably bear with the bad feelings provoked from watching the horror movie.

A smile escaped from me seeing the childish part of Sousuke I don't often come to see.

The me, who was laughing, was glared at by him.

“Don't laugh.”

“Fufu…..sorry. But, didn’t good things happen too?”

“Good things?”

“You got a lap pillow from Rinksan, didn't you? In turn of a calamity, you achieved good fortune, right?”

“.......I don't understand what you are talking about.”

Sousuke wouldn’t honestly admit it. And that felt truly childish.

Even though he is usually like an older brother, when it involves her, Sousuke becomes childish.

Truly, she, as a

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