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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 48

The day after the outing was a day of resting, and I holed myself up in my room.

My little brother made a really worried face; but I said that I was okay and kept my distance from him.

At any rate, I want to be alone to think right now. I wanted to be left alone.

When I recall the day of the trip, my heart goes Kyun.

I was confessed to, by Hasumi. By that Hasumi.

Honestly, I was bewildered at being confessed to.

Because, I mean, Hasumi to me is just a friend, not a romance target. The thought that I like Hasumi was instilled in me by Miku-sama.

I wonder, why me?

In front of Hasumi, I practically only do weird things.

There must have not been even a single likeable thing.

Even so, why?

That's wrong. It's futile to think about such a thing. I am not Hasumi, so there's no way I could understand why he likes me.

It's just that, being confessed to by him made me strongly confused; but, I also felt happy at the same time.

Because, I think that he didn't come to like me just from my outside appearance.

But that is different from accepting his feelings.

I think that the good will I feel toward Hasumi isn't love.

In the first place, I realize that I don't have much consciousness of him as a person of the opposite s.e.x.

Well, he certainly made my heart throb; but I saw him like an idol, a character's behaviour that I like that made my heart throb, I wasn't conscious of him as a member of the opposite s.e.x.

―――Look at me properly. Not as a main character of a manga, look at the me that is in front of your eyes.

These words that Hasumi said came to my mind.

When I heard these words my heart felt pain as if it was pierced through.

Hasumi saw through me.

Somewhere in my head, I was seeing Hasumi as a main character of the manga [Sekakoi].

Not only Hasumi. Other people too.

Because I arrived in a manga [Sakakoi], I didn't try to know the people in it.

Because I knew and understood it, I never tried to know the people around me.

Because, I didn't see the people around me as "real".

How disgusting I am?

While saying that I am their friend, I wasn't properly looking at them.

"I truly am stupid….."

When I said that, my heart continued to feel it's weight.

Even when I said that I'd stop running away, I still continued to do it unconsciously.

That this isn't the real world, but the world of a manga.

I can't continue to not admit it.

This place is "reality".

There are many things that are different from the manga.

I remembered each and every person around me.

I'm not really that close with the prince, so I don't know him well; but, I understand that he isn't just a sparkling guy like in the manga.

Miku-sama, is dignified and her cool image is strong; but, she unexpectedly has a playful side. I like this Miku-sama more than the Miku-sama from the manga.

Asuka, had a really serious and stubborn image in th

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