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Chapter 121: Glory Boots

As long as you didn’t die in the game, there were no other problems at all.

The boss charged forward with a fierce look, trying to kill me with his sword, but he couldn’t approach because Bing Cha had blocked up the hole that I had gone through. In the end, it could only look at me as it tried to move forward, but it couldn’t come in.

Bing Cha looked at this terrifying boss that was close to it and she was so scared that she couldn’t say a word, as she stood there in a daze.

I suddenly woke up, wasn’t this our chance?

A Dark Gold Boss was not something that we could handle, but there was now a bug that wasn’t considered a bug, so I could use this heavenly advantage to take care of this boss unharmed!

I quickly stood up and changed to my Star Chasing Bow, directly sending out an armour piercing arrow!


The white glowing arrow went over Bing Cha’s head and hit the boss in the chest!


When they saw this number, Ling Yue and Quiet Rain Fall stopped attacking. Ling Xue blinked before saying with a laugh, “An opportunity is here!”

Ling Xue was very smart, so she could see through my intentions. She shouted, “Bing Cha, don’t move!”

Bing Cha helplessly said, “My leg is soft from fear, I can’t move even if I wanted to……”

At this time, all the aggro of the boss was on me, but that meant that only I could attack it, so our damage output was low.

Seeing this, Ling Yue immediately sent out a fire dragon to hit its shoulder while ordering, “Bing Cha, move aside! I will pull it away, Ling Xue, prepare to block the entrance!”

Ling Yue had a high magic damage, so she pulled the boss’ aggro with one attack. The Undead Captain immediately turned around and flew out at Ling Yue with its sword brandished.

Bing Cha was still stunned, but I quickly came forward to push her aside. Purple Rhyme quickly ran in with Quiet Rain Fall before Ling Yue being chased by the boss also came in.

When these long range damage dealers were inside this space, Ling Xue immediately came forward and with a Z movement, she blocked the entrance. The boss could only stare at Ling Yue, not being able to do a thing.

Ling Yue revealed a faint smile, “Time to work! Time to work!”

So Purple Rhyme who didn’t need to heal could finally attack. She sent a curse on the boss as Ling Yue and I used a Flame Dragon Spell and an armour piercing arrow respectively to attack.

The situation was clearly much better and with everyone working together, the Undead Captain wasn’t able to get in at all, as he was being kept out. He was twice as tall as Ling Xue and we could clearly see him, so we didn’t need to worry about missing.

Zi Yue and Summer were left in the cabin that the boss were and the two were worried, “Will the boss turn around and cut us down with one slash each?”

I said in the team channel with a smile, “There’s no need to worry, at most you’ll lose a level. Just stand a

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