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Chapter 118: Fearless Chestplate

I shook my head with a smile, “Let’s roll it. I already took the Petrifying Necklace, if I also take this Gold Armour, can your mind handle it?”

Bing Cha was very intelligent, so she said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll take this Fearless Chestplate! Thanks!”

“It’s nothing……”

Seeing the Fearless Chestplate enter Bing Cha’s inventory, it felt like my heart was being cut. How could I not feel pained…...

Like this, a Gold Boss was killed. Purple Rhyme, Bing Cha, and I received benefits, making us all feel pleased. The 300 gold coins dropped were taken by Ling Yue. Mages spent quite a bit, there’s no way around this.

I could kill monsters with the Thousand Bladed Arrows and I could use an entire inventory of MP pots for ten hours, but a bag filled with MP pots would only last Ling Yue around three hours. So whenever she went to level, Ling Xue would help her big sister bring many pots, that way she could level for a long time.

But it was very cost effective killing alligators here. A single mob didn’t take that many spells, which was probably one of the reasons Ling Yue came here.

When noon came, I finally reached level 43. Everyone had pretty much consumed most of their potions and the girls were complaining that they were angry. So Ling Yue decided to head back to the city with everyone to stock up while also going offline to eat before coming back in the afternoon.

With several flashes of light, we appeared in Sunset City’s square.

Purple Rhyme, Bing Cha, and I all went to the appraisal shop, while the others came along to experience the stats of a piece of Gold Armour.

When our group came in, Purple Rhyme was the first to put her equipment on the counter.

The appraiser looked over the Great Earth Staff and said in a deep voice, “Appraisal fee, 200 gold coins!”

Purple Rhyme was a bit surprised, so I asked, “Do you have enough gold coins?”

She gave a soft laugh, “Un.”

After saying this, there was a flash of light from the Great Earth Staff and its stats were revealed.

[Great Earth Staff] (Silver Equipment)

Magic Attack: 120-160

Intelligence: +21

Vitality: +18

Additional: Increases healing by 120 points at most.

Required level: 40


It increased healing by at most 120!

A single piece of equipment could increase healing by this much, it really was rare. If one was fully equipped with equipment like this, they could heal over 1000 HP with each spell!

Purple Rhyme was very happy and changed to the Great Earth Staff. Instantly, a glowing staff appeared in her hand and it made her beautiful face even more charming.

Ling Yue said with a smile, “Like this, our team’s healing will be even safer!”

Purple Rhyme nodded with a faint smile, “Un, thank you, Ling Yue!”

Ling Yue was a bit surprised, “You…..How do you know I’m called Ling Yue?”

Purple Rhyme blinked, “It’s fine to know. I know you, but you don’t know m

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