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Chapter 75: Ice Armour Skill

It was actually a shield. Since we came into the game, we had never seen this kind of equipment before!

Properly speaking, only swordsmen could equip shields, using it to increase their defense. This greatly increased the swordsman’s defense, making it an absolute defensive barrier in large scale battles. Only swordsman who had changed Jobs at level 40 could equip shields.

Ling Xue quickly sent the stats of the shield into the party chat.

[Flame Shield] (Silver Equipment - Shield)

Defense: 200

Strength: +12

Vitality: +9

Additional Stat: Increases the user’s defense by 2%.

Required Level: 44



Everyone was shocked. This shield already 200 defense without being identified, it would definitely be over 250 after it was appraised. Just the defense of the shield already surpassed the Scarlet Flame Set that I was wearing.

The archer Job really wasn’t a Job that had resistances. Although it leveled quickly, when I saw these equipment with abnormal defenses, I couldn’t help drooling over them. If there was a day that my archer could have high defense equipment like this, that would be good.

The Flame Shield had a faint red magic pattern on it that looked very good. Ling Xue held onto it like she wasn’t willing to give it up as she looked up at us with a smile and said, “This shield, can you give it to me?”

Everyone nodded with smiles because this was the custom. Not to mention that everyone here was on the same side, so no one cared that much.

After this, we looked over the two skill books. Ling Xue held a book in each hand. The book in her right hand had a faint blue light to it and the book in her left hand had a faint red light to it.

[Ice Armour] (Skill Book):

Uses water elemental energy to create an incomparably strong armour around the user that can greatly increase the user’s defense. It will decrease the enemy’s attack speed and move speed when the user is attacked by the enemy. Needs to be a level 45 magician to learn this skill.

God, it really was a good thing!

Ling Yue’s beautiful eyes sparkled with a hopeful look. Ling Xue laughed as she raised her hand, “Elder sister, learn it and let us see it!”

Ling Yue took it with a smile and learned the skill with a flash of light. She raised the Roaring Flame Staff and there was a faint ice blue shield that quickly condensed around her. At the same time, Ling Yue’s defense increased by 200 points!

I was instantly a bit speechless. Like this, the defense of a mage like Ling Yue actually surpassed the defense of a leather armour archer like me. The way of this world, experts were truly abnormal!

After obtaining this Ice Armour Skill, Ling Yue’s life preserving ability was greatly increased, especially when pking with close combat players. The Ice Armour could be called a battle changing skill. Once the other side’s attack speed was decreased, with Ling Yue’s explosiv

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