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Chapter 62: Meeting Fated again

In the distance, Fated Madman held his battleaxe as he looked at us with cold eyes. Behind him, there were several dozen Fated Players eyeing us as well. It was clear that as long as Fated Madman gave the order, they would immediately charge at us.

Ling Xue cut down a Corrupted Skeleton and couldn’t help smiling as she said, “It really is murder cries for revenge!”

Ling Yue raised the Roaring Flame Staff in her hand as she revealed a faint smile and said, “Everyone prepare to fight!”

Actually, the other side had only brought less than fifty people and we didn’t put them in our eyes at all!

Fated Madman also clearly knew this. He gave a cold laugh and said, “Father already said that we would settle things with you, don’t think you can run amok in Sunset City because you have Sword Flame supporting you! Today, you will all die here!”

To the side, Fated Bloodthirster raised a new pair of daggers. His original Bronze Daggers were now in Ling Xue’s inventory. He had lost four levels back then, falling down to level 31 and most of his Bronze Equipment had been dropped. He was currently using several Dark Iron Equipment as fillers, making him look very ugly.

Fater Bloodthirster gave a cold snort and said in a sinister voice, “Easily Angered Bookworm, father will let you taste the feeling of dropping several levels!”

I looked at my sin value and saw that there were still over six hundred points. Actually, killing stronger monsters could reduce the time even faster.

So, I said with a faint smile, “Fated Bloodthirster, you want to kill me with just you? Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself?”

Fated Bloodthirster’s face turned livid. Fated Madman beside him gave a laugh, “To kill you all, why must I make a move?”

I was a bit surprised. Ling Yue and Ling Xue looked at me in surprise, not understanding why Fated Madman said this.

At this time, the sound of a system announcement penetrated the silence.


System Announcement (Player Fated Madman’s announcement): Listen all players in Sunset City, Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon and Easily Angered Bookworm have red names from killing innocent players and they are currently at point (5620, 2473) to the east of Sunset City. Those hot blooded brothers, please come and kill these harmful things to Sunset City! These people all have equipment in the rankings, so as long as you kill them, you will become rich!

I couldn’t help smiling, “Good use of a borrowed knife. I thought that all the Fated players were idiots, but I never thought that you would have some intelligence…..”

Quiet Rain Fall said with a smile, “You’re still saying this. What you should be thinking about is, how are we going to escape from here?”

I looked at Ling Xue to the side and saw that her eyes were moving with a bright shine to it. So, I said, “How about asking Ling Xue about this instead. I believe that she’ll think of a good method

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