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Chapter 107: Seeing the Star Chasing Bow again

All the way until 11pm, I had already reached level 35. It was just a single step from becoming a level 40 expert. The surrounding Skeleton Demons had already been swept away by me and the parties were complaining, but they didn’t dare do anything to me, they could only change spots to level.

“Gu, gu……”

My stomach rumbled and I couldn’t help being speechless! My stomach in real life was about to revolt!

I heard the sound of a message as Ling Xue sent one, “Big sister and I are planning to go out for a midnight snack, are you coming with us?”

I quickly replied, “Alright! I’ll come once I kill these monsters!”

Ling Xue said, “Un, we’ll wait for you!”


Ling Xue and Ling Yue both went offline. When I was planning to log out to replenish my energy, I suddenly saw more than ten players walking over from the distance and they were all red name players!

I was a bit surprised and immediately jumped into the trees on the side. I saw the players walking towards my position and these names were very familiar. The two in front were actually “Fated Bloodthirster” and “Fated Wild Wind”, the two assassins!

I gritted my teeth: Humph, Fated Bloodthirster is Fated Madman’s dog and Fated Wild Wind was the one who sent me back to level zero!

It was clear that these Fated players didn’t notice me and these players were all assassins, it should be the Fated Guild sending people out for a quest.

Fated Bloodthirster really was quick, he was already level 37. He had a smile of contempt as he said, “Even a force like Flying Fire Link City dares to act arrogantly towards Sunset City, humph! If it wasn’t for the boss’ orders this time, I would have swept those idiots away!”

Fated Wild Wind said, “That’s right, but we didn’t control the tempo properly and all received red names. It’s a good thing our sin values are only at 100, otherwise we would be in trouble!”

Fated Bloodthirster laughed, “What are you afraid of? With the alliance between Fated and Bloodthirsty, who in Sunset City wouldn’t dare give us face? Humph, even the number one expert Easily Angered Bookworm was sent back to level zero by us and became a true piece of trash, is there anyone who dares to say no to us? Humph, humph, wiping out Xue Yue and Sword Flame is just a matter of time!”

Fated Wild Wind also said while laughing, “Big brother Blood is right! That idiot Easily Angered Bookworm who dared to go against us should be sent back to level zero. Our Fated Guild is now the sky in Sunset City, who dares go against us? Right, didn’t you want to sell that treasure? How are you confident enough to PK with it?”

“This is called the boldness of an expert!” Fated Bloodthirster said with a proud smile.

I heard everything in the trees on the side. Fated Bloodthirster and Fated Wild Wind’s laughter really made one feel uncomfortable!

Looking at the members of the other side, Fated Bloodthirster

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