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Chapter 88: Hidden Job

I don’t know how long passed, but when I woke up, I found there was a note beside my pillow. There were a few more words under the words I wrote, “Understood, do your best! Let’s work hard together!”

I couldn’t help revealing a smile. These words were quite childish, but it gave a person a sweet feeling.

The words were quite well written, it was most likely Ling Yue or Bing Cha’s handwriting. It was most likely only the two of them would say something like this, if it was Summer, she would probably say something crazy like “work hard, you’ll be happy soon”.

Looking at the cell phone on the side, it was already five in the afternoon. I slept for six hours, but based on the perspective of a professional player, six hours of sleep a day was already considered quite luxurious, so I immediately got out of bed.

When I came out, I found the girls were all sitting in the living room.

“Ya! Bookworm’s awake!” Zi Yue said with a smile.

Ling Yue immediately looked back with a smile and said, “Come and sit!”

I was a bit confused, as I carefully came to Ling Yue’s side, but I was immediately hit with a faint fragrance.

Bing Cha was sitting in front, looking at me with a smile as she asked, “Bookworm really is good~~you threw away Ling Yue and Ghost Fire in a single night. You’re still not confessing where you leveled?”

After knowing that this flame couldn’t be contained with paper, I revealed a confident smile and said, “I’ll bring you all there to level today!”

Ling Yue said with a smile, “Let’s not rush, let’s eat dinner first. We’ll get together with Ling Xue and Purple Rhyme and clear the final boss of the Ancient Ghost Tomb’s seventh floor first. Now let’s eat!”

I washed my face and tidied up before heading over to the table.

To my sides, the girls were all wearing halter tops, completely ignoring me as the only male. The sight of pure white arms and legs were enough to make people blind from how dazzling they were.

Ling Yue changed out of her uniform and was wearing a sky blue t-shirt. It has to be said that the t-shirt really highlights the figure of a beauty, as Ling Yue’s proud peaks stood high up, creating a beautiful arch that moved one’s soul.

Although it was very simple, the blue shirt couldn’t hide Ling Yue’s beauty. A beauty needed to be appreciated and if one looked carefully, Ling Yue was like the moon, so bright that people couldn’t stare at her. This kind of aloof aura was not something that could be born with.

Ling Yue looked at me and snappily said, “What are you looking at? You’re not eating yet! When we finish, we’re going to kill that general on the seventh floor of the Ancient Ghost Tomb. I’ve already contacted Purple Rhyme and Ling Xue, we’ll be head out at six. We can only come back after killing that super powerful boss! It’s best if we can get a Guild Formation Token out of it!”

I said in a small voice, “That, Guild Formation Tokens only co

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