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Chapter 104: Princess’ wish


These four figures jumped outl, but I also had already lost 502 HP!

I became anxious. They had 4000 HP and I only had 1590 HP, so if we traded, I would be the first to fall even if I drank potions!

Thinking of this, I gritted my teeth and went forward with my spear, using the Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers on the Dark Witch’s chest!

“Chi, chi!”

With these heavy sounds, the Dark Witch must fear close range combat since it took close to 3000 HP!

When the Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers hit the Dark Witch, she let out an ear grating cry.


Combat notification: You have been affected by the Dark Witch’s sorrowful cry, your attack speed has been reduced by 50%!


I was a bit surprised as I moved behind the Dark Witch. The Bloodthirsty Spear lit up and I released a Ice Wind Thorn at her back!


With a pitiful scream, the Dark Witch slowly fell down while dropping an item that seemed to be a golden page!

I picked up the gold coin before looking at the item that fell. As expected, it was a paper that was made from gold that was two millimeters thick. The technology wasn’t that developed back then, so they would make books of gold. Seeing the words written on it, I couldn’t understand at all and could only see the window over it.

[Princess Linda’s Diary (Page 7)]: Records the thoughts of a princess before her death. You can gather the ten pages of the diary and start a quest, these pages are hidden among the maids!


“Ha, ha, it seems like I’ve triggered a quest!” I revealed a faint smile and immediately threw the golden diary page into my inventory. At the same time, I gave a sigh over how much this would be in gold coins if it was turned into gold coins!

In front of me was the site of the former royal palace and several Dark Witches were wandering around in the darkness around the debris. If I wanted to gather the ten pages, I had to start with them!

This time, I no longer planned on shooting them with arrows. It was not smart to fight against mages like this, so using close combat abilities to attack them was the best way!

So when I took care of the Dark Witch’s stealth, I charged forward. I had to get close even if I got hit with magic, so I used the Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers and the Ice Wind Thorn to take them down to a sliver of health. Then I used a normal attack to softly hit them and I received experience and gold coins!

Suddenly, there were the sounds of women crying in the ruins. If you didn’t know what was going on, you would think that it was a scene of someone sneaking into a dorm. Of course, girls in dorms were much stronger now, so you might be sent away with a broom or you could have a happy day of standing by the wall the next day nowadays. Forget it, let’s not think about things not suitable for children.

Time flew by and it was already 8:30 in the morning when I collected the ninth page

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