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Within the forest, the howls of wolves echoed out continuously, causing one to shudder.

Underneath a tree, many Sword Wolves with savage, glowing red eyes surveyed their surroundings.

I didn’t dare to go any closer- after all, I was by myself. If I was too careless, and ended up dying, I could drop my Golden King Bow, and my full-strength Archer build would become completely useless!

A blue light shot out, and the Ice Arrow I released buried itself into one of the Sword Wolf’s neck. Immediately, I then shot out a Fire Arrow, causing the Sword Wolf to take a few steps back. By the time it began to charge at me, it had been hit by a second Ice Arrow, and right before it reached me, another Fire Arrow found its head. The ferocious Sword Wolf crashed to the ground, and not only did it drop ten or so silver coins, but also a piece of Wolf Fur the size of my palm. I picked it up and examined it- it was indeed the Wolf Fur necessary for the quest.

I killed another few Sword Wolves, but none of them dropped any Wolf Fur. Only after killing the seventh Sword Wolf did I find another piece of Wolf Fur. It seemed that the drop rate for this quest item was not very high. However, the abundant amount of EXP and silver coins made me feel overjoyed.

After about an hour, a golden light flashed- I had finally reached LV19. At the same time, I had gained 14 Sword Wolf Fur. It seemed that collecting 100 pieces of Wolf Fur would take at least seven to eight hours.

In the blink of an eye, another two hours had passed. A Sword Wolf charged towards me, and as a fiery red light shot out, it too collapsed on the ground.

A piece of equipment fell to the ground, and a ‘Ding” noise also sounded out—

System Announcement: Congratulations, you have reached LV20!

System Announcement: Congratulations, you have awakened a talent—[Low Level Healing]!


I was slightly shocked, and remembered that when players reached LV20, they would receive a talent. There were many different types of talents, but their effects were all mediocre.

My talent was Low level Healing- it was a skill that could not be upgraded, and could heal me for 100HP for 10MP every time!

I gave a wry smile, “Time to pretend to be a Priest to get in with the Fencer beauties!”

I then remembered the piece of equipment that the Sword Wolf had dropped.

It was a piece of leather armour, glowing with a slightly red light. I picked it up and looked at it—

[Red Flame Breastplate] (Bronze level equipment- Leather Armour)

Defence: 36

Agility: +8

Required level: 25

Equipment Set Attributes: ???



I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. This Red Flame Breastplatewas part of a set! No wonder the system said that the Savage Wolf Ridge was similar to heaven! Not only could one kill monsters for large amounts of EXP, but they could even find equipment sets- this was a golden training area!

I decided to

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