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Chapter 44: Frost Leg Guards

The girls immediately gathered around me and Ling Xue said with a smile, “Little fool, let me see, let me see!”

I shared the stats of the skill book with them.

[Prepared Resurrection]: Adds a resurrection buff to party members, so that they can be revived instantly within the next 60 minutes.

Requirements: Level 30 Cleric.

It was well known that in «Spirit of Grief», Clerics couldn't learn resurrection spells from their instructors. They could only rely on skill books to drop from monsters. It seemed like we have just obtained one of those skill books!

Purple Rhyme revealed a smile as she said in a happy voice, “About this, can I learn this skill book?”

I looked at Ling Xue and Ling Yue and said, “I agree with giving it to Purple Rhyme, what about you guys?”

Ling Yue nodded with a smile as she said, “Of course.”

Ling Xue blinked and said, “This is great, finally we don't have to be afraid of being instantly killed.…..”

So, I traded this precious Prepared Resurrection skill book over to Purple Rhyme and with a flash of light, she had learned the skill. Then with a wave of her hand, a white light fell down onto Ling Xue’s body, gradually falling down like snow as it formed an aura around her. The aura moved with Ling Xue and looked very beautiful. At the same time -


Battle Notification: Player Gentle Breeze Flying Snow has gained the Prepared Resurrection buff and will revive if she dies within 60 minutes!

Ling Xue cheered as she smiled and said, “Now I don't have to worry about being instantly killed!”

Purple Rhyme nodded with a smile and said, “Un, this skill has a 10 minute cooldown, so I will be able to give everyone the resurrection buff!”

I revealed a smile and then shared the leg guard’s stats with the party. The leg guard released a blue light that was very nice to look at.

[Frost Leg Guard] (Silver Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 75

Strength: +10

Vitality: +6

Additional Stat: Water attributed skill attack power increased by 15%.

Required Level: 35


Everyone was a little surprised. If this leg guard was already this broken, then what would it be like after being appraised?

So I threw the leg guard over to Ling Xue and said, “Wait until you level up once more and then you’ll be able to use it!”

Ling Xue had a joyful smile as she nodded, “Un!”

Ling Yue looked at the stairs to the next floor and said, “Let’s go to the fourth floor. We’ll talk after killing the mobs on the next floor!”

Entering the fourth floor, a cold breeze blew past us. The entire floor felt like it was filled with a cold aura.

In the distance, a pair of blood red eyes stared at us as we entered the fourth floor!

Ling Xue couldn’t help being shocked as she took a step back, perfectly leaning into my shoulder. I was gently shaken by her, but I patted her shoulder while telling her that there was nothing to

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