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Chapter 37: Ancient Grave showdown

Success hinges on this one action, so I braced my heart and turned around to shoot an ice arrow. At the same time, Fated Bloodthirster’s dagger shot out right at my chest!


The cold glow sparkled, but surprisingly, I did not fall down dead with no HP. There was a giant “miss” that appeared above my head!

Ha, ha, the heavens are helping me!

While Fated Bloodthirster was being astonished at the fact that his attack missed, my ice arrow slammed right into his chest. Instantly, Fated Bloodthirster was covered in frost and his move speed suffered a big drop!

I took this precious time to regroup myself and quickly heal up. Then I led the Spirit Warriors as I rushed at the Fated members!

At this moment, even a pig brain would be able to guess my intentions. Fated Madman’s face paled and he angrily shouted, “This brat wants to kill us with that group of monsters! Go, archers and mages, kill him for me!”

I laughed and wildly charged forward, perfectly going around the Fated members’ area. I was just out of the range of the archer and mage’s attacks!

The monsters behind me lost their main target and began to vent their anger on the Fated members. The worst thing was that the Silver Grade Boss that had been chunked down by me and Ling Yue flew out in a rage and chopped down on one fo the outer Fated players!

Fated Madman’s heart turned cold as he finally realized the severity of the situation. He immediately decisively ordered, “Everyone listen to me, return to the city immediately! Fuck!”

I couldn’t help shivering. Fated Madman really was quite a person, his orders can actually be this decisive!

But I was not going to give them this opportunity. Since I’ve already made this kind of arrogant enemy in «Spirit of Grief», then I’ll just play with you. We’re just PKing, so who’s afraid of who?

So I quickly rushed forward and saw the opponent’s mages using Town Return Scrolls to run away. They needed to channel the scroll for five seconds and entering a battle state would cancel the effects of the Town Return Scroll!

Pulling out an iron arrow, this time I chose to use the skill that I’ve never used before - The Thousand Blade Arrows!

Seeing a seven colours shining, the beautiful glow shot out of the Golden Bow. Instantly, a rain of arrows fell onto the Fated players!

“Pa, pa, pa…….”

Amidst the dense sound of the arrows falling, the Thousand Blade Arrows hit most of the Fated players. Those mages and archers using Town Return Scrolls were interrupted and the worst thing was that they were sent into a battle state. If they wanted to leave the battle state, they needed to do nothing for a minute, but in that minute, they would be assaulted by over 50 Spirit Warriors and that powerful Spirit General!

Countless damage figures appeared about the Fated players’ head. The heavy armour players were still alright, being only dealt around 100 points of damage

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