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Sei Bruno Part 3~ The Business Partners

“First, we must assess our current situation. In the first place, the reason why we were made to be engage with each other was in order to strengthen our alliance against other countries. The same thing could be said to the 2ndprince’s fiancée, but in House Walter’s case, it’s more on the side of trade relationships.”

Putting aside the idle behavior she always had until now, Missouri turned over the pages of the book she took with her briskly. Although we are engaged men and women alone together in the same room, she didn’t have any seductive appeals at all.

“The 2nd prince fiancée… The Corundum Kingdom huh? If I’m not mistaken, that’s the country with the mythical beasts called dragons, right. Furthermore, it’s the main producer of crystals.”

“That would be the main aim of the Coloflare Kingdom for the engagement, but for the side of the Corundum Kingdom, I presume it would be for national defense. The strength of our saintess’ barrier is far sturdier than any barrier put up by magic.”

The surroundings of that country are always broiled in military engagements. If it becomes a full-scale war, there’s a high chance that our kingdom, that Lady Momo, would get entangled in their troubles. However, according to what Missouri had said, the kingdom through House Walter has been expanding its influence through diplomacy and trade to use that to prevent conflicts.

“Those are the circumstances involving our engagement.”

“Then are you saying that in order to prevent a situation where Lady Momo is sent to the Corundum Kingdom for military campaigns, this engagement must happen?”

“Not necessarily, sir.”

Missouri thought that if House Walter is given an official position with sufficient authority, there would be no need for this marriage to happen anymore. War is still just a matter of possibility and will not just suddenly happen. However, if they only decide to take the necessary steps after things start developing, there’s a chance that they will end up too late to respond.

“That’s why first we have achieve things in the financial sector first, and while we’re at it, pass a law that allows us to respond quickly during emergency situations. The two of us might be fiancée on the surface for now, but let’s treat each other as business partners from now on.”


I reflexively clasped the hands she held out to me. The main condition for her agreement in the cancellation of our engagement was for me to never see her as a woman until it is revoked. Even without that, I have never really treated her as the opposite sex either way. Unlike playing around with other ladies, having the same kind of relationship with your arranged engagement partner may be seen as pre-marital intercourse, which would be problematic. Still, I do things like kissing the back of her hand, praising her as lip service, as well as sending her letters. I asked her whether I should stop doing th

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