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Sei Bruno Part 1: Forbidden Love

I am Sei Bruno, the 2nd son Marquess Alan Bruno, also the minister to the right. Although this may sound like me bragging, I was blessed not only with the looks, academic skills, and pedigree. On top of it, being the 2nd son of the house has freed me from the responsibility of an heir. This meant that not only can I obtain anything I wanted, I can also lead a carefree life devoid of responsibility. I could have been the happiest man in the world but the fate had other plans.

All ladies paid careful attention to me and ever since childhood, I had lived my days aware of the shower of yearning gazes coming from all my surroundings. Yet, I came to realize that no man in this world is blessed with everything.

The heavens has decided that in order to compensate for the blessings I received, my first love was a trial by fire.

The woman I fell in love for the first time was none other than the fiancee of my older brother, the heir of the house.

She was Masumi Sereknight, the younger sister of Marquess Blakia Sereknight, also the minister to the right, with a considerably large age gap. Born during the last years of the previous marquess, she was a lady raised showered by love, something clearly shown by her carefree temperament and warm smile. A lady with a nigh unbelievable kindness in her heart.

She had immediately captivated me when I was young, and was the one to let me savor the pain of an unrequited love.

My older brother, Soma Bruno, was 10 years older than me. A boorish man whose only redeeming feature is his diligence. A comparison between us in both looks and capability will result in his utter defeat. If I wanted to take any of his personal belongings, he would easily yield with a bitter smile.

But even as the innocent child as I am, I immediately knew that the lovely lady next to him, his fiancée is the only thing he will never yield. That was obvious enough, Lady Masumi was the woman who captured his heart. If he had easily given her to me just because I asked for her hand, I would’ve been severely disappointed with him too.

Still, Lady Masumi had never seen me as a man. For me, that’s the hardest pill to swallow. I did not mind if she doesn’t see me as a love interest but at the very least, I wanted her to be conscious of me as a man.

And yet, Lady Masumi enters my room alone care freely, and when she once told me that she would like to read me a book next to me to help me sleep, I wanted to doubt my ears. She completely treats me as her sibling, nothing more.

The lady who was the youngest child was extremely delighted at the thought of obtaining a younger sibling through marriage.


She had thoroughly crushed my pride as a man into smithereens.

After their marriage, I have distanced myself away from the House Bruno. The figure of her smiling dearly at my older brother, and he who ogles her just as much; they are both spectacles that I did

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