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Bandit Raid

The bandits who raided their carriage had surrounded them with vulgar expressions plastered across their faces.

“You lot, don’t kill the woman. There’s so much fun waiting for her.”

“Of course, boss. We rarely find such a fine piece in this place.”

Bandits’ behavior are all the same wherever they come from. Although Dy had clearly shown his displeasure, the two other sons of minister are just watching expressionlessly.

“Darck, are you not even worried about your younger sister?”

“Maybe if she had been a little more cuter, I would’ve spared her a worry.”

“If the same kind of situation were to happen to Momo, I would kill all of them immediately, or even make them regret ever being born. But as for Chloe…., frankly speaking, I think she deserves it.”

(Can you hear this Chloe? You have made so many loath you so much, you wench. You must’ve been out of your mind to think that I had feelings for someone like you.)

“What about your highness? She may be no longer be, but she had been your fiancée at some point.”

“I’m in the same thought as you two…, but Momo would be terribly sad if Shin were to die with her too.”

In the first place, she even cried in opposition to having Shin follow Chloe as her escort. If the worse were to indeed happen, the prince thought that the decision to not allow Momo to watch any further before might’ve been truly correct. Even though Chloe had harassed her in the past, it would still be too much for Momo’s gentle heart to see her getting assaulted by bandits.

While he was thinking that, one of the bandits charged brandishing his sword at Chloe with Shin behind her. However, the butler was still preoccupied with an opponent of his own and wouldn’t make in time to save her. Just when all of them thought it was over…

Suddenly they heard a whirling sound,


Then, it was followed by thumping sound coming from behind Shin. The monitoring brooch was placed right in front of him so the other side of the mirror had no idea what just happened. After Shin finally managed to fend off one of the bandit, he turn his back behind and there he saw Chloe…,

–with her hand on a mini-crossbow with rapid-fire mechanism, as well as bandits sprawling in pain on the ground holding their knees.

“Lady, what on earth…?”

“I didn’t have enough time so this is the only thing I was able to bring with me. Well, I have Shin by my side anyway, so it still worked out for self-defense in the end. It still lacks the strength to be fatal though, but it can at least stop their movements as you can see.”

The small crossbow had been in the leather bag that she was carrying all this time. It is a very unlikely possibility but, the fact that Chloe was this prepared made it seem as though she had expected the bandit raid to happen and it gave the prince an odd feeling.

Could it have been her saint powers?He initially thought, but he brushed it aside knowing that she was a

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