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The thoughts of the entourage of the Crown Prince.

After the designation of the Saintess had ended, Leddorio’s entourage obtained permission to use the lounge of the Holy Church and met with Momo there. Although he’d rather be alone with Momo instead, they are not officially a couple yet. She is a lady that is indiscriminately kind to everyone else and in turn, everyone else also yearned for her as well, save for that woman of course.

“Momo, you’ll have to fulfill your mission as the saintess from now on. It may be a tough endeavor, but worry not because we’ll be here to help you.”

“Y-Yes… thank you very much. I am grateful, your highness however..“

Momo averted her eyes from the prince. She looked somewhat troubled even though they had just gotten rid of the one who harassed her.

“What’s the matter? What are you worried about?”

“It’s about Lady Chloe. Is it really fine for me to be at ease from now on? After all, she… loved Benny so much that she harassed me.“

Benny was a nickname derived from Leddorio’s middle name, “Bertnand.” It was the prince himself who asked her to call him that way as a proof of their friendship. Although Chloe also tried to call him that way, he ignored all her attempts.

Leddorio’s face cramped in disgust to Momo’s words.

“It doesn’t matter however she feels. No matter what anyone one says, the only one I will ever love is you, Momo.“


“I-I love Momo as well! No matter what filthy means that wench pulls, I’ll be here to protect you!”

Leddorio held the hands of Momo attempting to court her but Dy interjects. Although the prince was fond of his muscle brain friend, he will not yield an inch when it comes to love.

“At any rate, once she is disowned by the House Sereknight, she wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore. Darth is supposed to tell us the particulars but…“

Sei only shakes his head in response to the gaze of the prince. Although they are rivals in many things as both sons of the minister to the left and minister to the right, his only two commonalities with Darck were their love for Momo and hatred for Chloe. Everyone in this room are not only rivals in love for Momo, but also those who wants to protect her safety.

Before long, Chloe’s brother, Darck arrives at the lounge.

“It has been determined that Chloe will be sent to the convent. The place is in our territories, an institution that has the favor of the duke.”

“What a shallow punishment…., so she is not disowned? Isn’t that just pulling her out of public?“

“They could’ve just sent her to the Nansonia region instead.“

“That hard to reach and inconvenient region huh, that would prevent her from returning to the capital with the mountain range barring her. That could be enough atonement for that woman. She is not the kind to reflect on her actions after all.”

“T-That’s no good!“

As the group were discussing additional punishment, Chloe turned pale and interjects into the

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