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Iris Mountain

With their coachman killed and their horses scared away by the bandits previously, the two left behind were initially at lost what to do. Although help would likely arrive sooner or later due to the brooch, it would still be unreasonable for them to spend numerous nights in the mountain waiting for their arrival.

“We’re a little way too deep in the Nansonia mountain range… I believe it would still take an entire day of walking to descend to the nearest city.”

“If bandits have appeared, then this must be around Iris mountain, isn’t it?”

As if unrelated to Shin who had already fully resolved to descend from the mountain without eating, for some reason Chloe was able to identify their location due to the bandits. Although it’s natural to expect bandits to appear along the mountain range, Iris mountain isn’t particularly famous for bandit sightings which made her conjecture a little strange.

“Err… yes, that maybe the case. We should have entered the mountain by now.”

“Then the dungeon must be up there, so let’s ascend instead. It would be faster to go there instead than to descend.”


Shin hurriedly chased after Chloe who had already walked out of the mountain path to ascend the mountain.

“Please wait lady! Please do not tell me that you want to enter the dungeon. That place is strictly off limits to anyone other than high grade adventurers!”

“I know that much, silly. I wouldn’t go my way up there just to be killed. What we’re aiming for is the lodging near the mountain side.”

The dungeons in Coloflare Kingdom are divided into three parts accordingly to the grade of adventurers.

First, the closest one to the capital are for beginner adventurers. Those who had just registered in the adventurer’s guild are to take quests related here and raise their grade.

Second, would be the dungeons scattered in different territories which are for intermediate grade adventurers. They are mostly for people who wish to earn money or make name for themselves through their skills, and are considerably dangerous enough that exploring sometimes results in casualties.

Lastly, the one located in Iris Mountain, a place in the middle of nowhere. A dungeon with the thickest miasma. Only those skilled enough to be given namesakes are able to explore it in exchange for generous rewards. Although some may think that it would be better to just send an army at that point, carelessly provoking it could possibly lead to endless spawn of monsters, hence it’s entry was made restricted to adventurers of the highest grade.

For all the dungeons to be considered captured, the saintess must purify the miasma surrounding the country and carefully place a barrier on all of the dungeons so that no beasts would ever leave, a truly tedious task.

Incidentally, the beloved Saintess Momo, had already registered herself as an adventurer while enrolled in the academy, and was already able to capture a middle grade o

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