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Observation Report 1

As the mirror screen blurred, what it shown afterwards was the interior of a ruined church. There, they saw Shin’s face for the very first time after his departure from the capital.

The magical brooch could not only record footage, but can also edit and compile the footage within a short time. What they have been watching so far was the compilation of what had happened. Now Shin is truly facing them across the mirror, real time. Watching the footages for a considerable amount of time, they hadn’t even noticed that it was already night time.

“Good work, though there some accidents, I’m glad you’re safe. You are our comrade after all.”

“Much obliged, sir. However, I am quite surprised myself. To think that milady… Lady Chloe would be able to deal with consecutive irregular situations that smoothly.”

“You might get found out, so you may call her as you always did. You’re right… it appears that right after she was banished, she had become much more obedient like an entirely different person. She may be plotting something or had truly given up… whichever the case, you wouldn’t be able to get out of that place without carriage, so I’ll send one to your side immediately.”

“Milady might feel suspicious if it comes without inquiry. Just to be safe, we’ll send a request right in the morning.”

“Do just that. Well then, we will wait for your next report.”

In a moment, Shin’s profile disappears from the mirror screen and had turned back to showing the reflection of the prince’s group.

“Now then, as for Chloe’s recent behaviors…, what do you all think?”

“It’s likely that she won’t cause any trouble for the time being… after all, she had been causing heaps of them all this time.”

The two of them nodded at each other in agreement to his opinion. Darck on the other hand, had been clear about his displeasure all this time.

“Do not be fooled by her meek pretense, your highness. Chloe’s true nature is pitch black, the total opposite of Lady Momo.”

“You don’t really have to tell us that, we know. Even comparing her to Momo is just plain absurd…. But I have to say I don’t really prefer talking harshly about someone in front of her brother.”

“Idon’t see any problems as she is already disowned, sire. Furthermore, I only have one sister in this world, and she is none other than Momo.”

(Stop blushing dimwit, she is yet to have her formal adoption.)

In the end, Darck could only turn his love for Momo forcefully into sibling affection. Although Darck called her without honorifics in front of the Leddorio, the prince isn’t as displeased because they were about to be siblings.

“I gotta say, I am really impressed with how she dealt with those bandit bastards. To think she could fire that crossbow with a straight face after being surrounded by a group of such men. What can I say? I’m in awe.”

“It was probably Shin who dealt with most of them though…, but I see, if you have fallen for he

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