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Once in several decades, the miasma within the territories of the Coloflare Kingdom thickens, giving birth to demonic beasts that places the kingdom under great risk. Subjugation forces are sent towards them in such times, but due to their incessant spawning, there is almost no end to them.

One day, as if she was a response to the existence of the demonic beasts, a lady appeared who had purified all of the miasma

The Holy Church designated the lady as the Saintess. From there on, a rule was set that if the miasma shows any signs of thickening again, the church is to find a Saintess, and if they failed, they must nurture one from scratch.

But not only has the church, even the royal family made a royal decree in regards to the matter of the Saintess. They had determined that the Saintess as the savior of the country, shall be sheltered by the royal family.

In actuality, the Saintess did become the queen in the end.

The generation of Leddorio and his entourage are right at the start of the miasma thickening, but even after searching the entire kingdom, they weren’t able to find something that matches her characteristics. This prompt the holy church to nurture a saintess from scratch, which also led to the House Sereknight, to send their daughter, Chloe immediately for sacred teachings.

When she reached the age of 10, she was unofficially declared as the temporary saint, and at the same time became engaged to the crown prince.

However, Leddorio couldn’t accept Chloe as the saintess, much less his future partner.

The reason for that is the latter’s proud and vain personality. Chloe only ever thought of her fiancée as nothing but accessory to her name, and she has the disposition to never ever accept having her most prized accessory, who never loved her, be stolen by from her side.

The prince was about to reach his limits of putting up with the suffering of having to stand next to her as her fiancée. It was around that time when he met, Momo Palette, whom they found in the country side, and awakened her abilities to attend the academy as the true saintess.

She was an honest and bright lady who has the heart treat everyone with indiscriminate kindness. Her figure stole the eyes of the prince and before he knew it, he always thought of her every time he relaxed his mind. He doesn’t even remember when he started to desire monopolizing her attention.

As he grew more repulsive towards Chloe whom intensified her harassment of Momo due to severe jealousy, his feelings for Momo just keep growing day by day.

Finally, in the middle of the trial of the Holy Church to determine the true saintess, he had her actions condemned in the middle of countless believers of faith.

When the countless evidence recorded by the magical brooch were presented, Chloe turned pale. She then clung towards the Prince Leddorio who shielded Momo Palette behind him.

“No, you’re mistaken, highness! That woman was a

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