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The Lady Reborn Anew

After that, the two had put a partition between their beds and changed towards the employee clothes that they have given. The brooch was taken off and tossed into the drawer so the other side of the mirror doesn’t know the details either way. However, Shin who had been oppressed for so long to the point he had developed feelings over Momo, is highly unlikely to develop any carnal desires for his mistress.

“Shin, what do you think? Does it fit me?”

“Lady, that hair is…?”

The sound of Shin swallowing his breathe can be heard from the other side of the mirror. Chloe who had an apron on top of her plain onepiece dress looked as though she was an entirely different individual. Although her facial features didn’t really change, much was thanks to her hair color which now only extends towards her shoulders and had a different brown color. Seemingly pleased at the reaction of her butler, the lady took off her brown hair and revealed her usual black hair color.

“It’s a wig I borrowed from the mistress. We can’t really have my identity as the temporary saintess who was chased out by the prince be exposed after all. Right now, I am not Chloe but Chaco, understand? That’s how you should call me, brother.”

“….If that’s what you wish to go with, I will follow mila.. Chaco. Still, may I ask where you got the false name, Chaco Brown?”

“Hm, I just thought of it.”

Haphazardly dodging the topic, Chloe retreated and descended to the first floor. The Mistress asked her to man the bar at the evening but until then, she is to peel the skin of potatoes in the kitchen. Shin on the other hand, was tasked to chop woods.

‘Now we can’t see her circumstances anymore but… Darck, how is her kitchen skills?’

‘As if Chloe had any at all. She has never even touched a knife once in her entire life. She’s likely give up this working pretense sooner or later.’

Darck sharply answered at the sudden question of Sei. Dai on the other hand who had closer sensibilities to commoner looked at the two with much interest.

‘Well, a woman who’ll end up becoming queen anyway has no use for kitchen skills anyway. Either she’ll end up cutting her fingers, or peel those potatoes off so bad there’s hardly anything to eat. In comparison, Momo’s quite the skilled cook. All those cookies she had given me so far were so damn tasty.’


‘Oh? So she did not give his highness any. Maybe she has been forewarned by Chloe, or she’s feeling a little reserved because you’re a royalty.’

‘Of course, she gave me some before.’

The prince was slightly embarrassed due to his inadvertent reaction to the fact that he was not the only one given cookies. He was looking reproachfully at the figure of Sei who was trying to suppress his laughter. As the mirror show Shin coming back to the kitchen, he came across Chloe who was carrying a mountain load of peeled potatoes.

“Chaco, you can handle knives?”

“I was surprised too. This

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