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Observation Reports 2

Reflected in the mirror was the lone figure of Shin. The only times that they are able to speak with him are when he needs to state his observation reports.

“It looks as though Milady is not in a hurry to head to the convent. She is more concerned about the malfunction of the barrier and wants to do something about it.”

‘That would’ve been unbelievable for Chloe in the past but, if she’s doing it because she feels indebted to the mistress then there’s nothing we can do. You may contact the holy church for a request tomorrow.‘

“Understood, sire.”

‘I’m thinking about the nickname Lady Chloe used. It was Chaco, wasn’t it?‘

Dai interjects between the conversation of Shin and the prince. The prince initially thought it was rather unusual for him to be in such a thought but he was referring to the arbitrary nickname the lady had used as her false name.

‘Really feels like I’ve heard it somewhere before, Chaco Brown hmm.‘

‘What do you mean? If there’s truly somebody with that name, it might cause the person trouble.‘

The prince wandered within the small amount of memories he had that concerns Chloe but he couldn’t find a single thing involving a lady with the name Chaco Brown. Ignoring Dy who was groaning, seemingly trying to rack his brains to remember, the prince went back to the main subject.

‘Shin, there’s something I need you to do. Before you make it to the convent, you are to seduce Chloe.’


Shin hysterically raises his voice and frowns. It was natural for him to do so, thought the prince. Although he is still keeping Chloe’s company as her butler even after her condemnation, his heart still lies with Momo. However, the prince had a reason why he wanted him to make Chloe fall.

‘Itwould be much easier if that woman would obediently do as she is told along the way. It has to be you, after all, I’m apparently already in her past.‘

“She is just putting up a front, highness. Milady’s feelings for his highness is genuine, and I refuse to believe that it is something that can be thrown away so easily.”

Shin’s attempt to seemingly comfort the prince out of sympathy for being called a waste of life just irritated the prince more. It was in fact, because of the things that came out of those feelings of the lady that the prince had driven her out, in the first place.

‘It doesn’t matter whether her feelings are real or not. We are only doing this to make that woman realize the position she is in.‘

She needs to be reminded that she was banished not to escape but to be rid of freedom. The prince have no desire to give the one who harassed his beloved the freedom to love nor dream.

‘There’s no need to be proactive about it. You just need to act the way you have been doing while being suggestive to make her expect something. Eventually, when she arrives to the point that she can no longer bear without you by her side, you can reveal the ploy at the convent and r

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